American Made Cleaners....

I have been getting a few calls about our Turbo twisters. I always referred these calls to AMC. However, they are not answering the phones....the reason... there was a fire.

Here are the videos. If you can help, donate what you can. Glen is a great guy. 45 years in the business. Now ... it is lost. they have nothing.



Help would be needed.
I first talked to Glen back in 1990/1991. Thats when he sold me a Turbo Twister. He was always very polite.

Back in 1999, Glen and I would talk about the EPA, possibly requiring reclamation in other states similar to California. He saw the writing on the wall you might say. Both him and Robert H have always been top notch. Robert and I had similar discussions back in the early 90's as well. I don't even remember if their was any BBS boards back then. LOL

Just got done with another Garage. Working on another Garage this weekend. We have been so busy these last 7 weeks. I need to take some time off.

That reminds me, I need to give Robert a call ....


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WOW! That really underscores the NEED to have insurance. That fire was a year ago, I assume since they are not answering the phones that they did not reopen? It has to be devastating to work that long and have it all go up in flames in 60 minutes.

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