Another lost weekend!!

My wife hates it when the temps drop. Im home alot and she never works kid in college the other two are in high-school.... She says shes getting tired of running away from me !! ..... Im not sure what she means by that..LOL

I could go through it with you. But, she cooks a mean breakfast when your not at home. By the way, could you check to see if I left my watch on the night stand ? I seem to have lost it. LOL
So thats YOUR watch ! She said she bought me something.
I dont like the band though it looks like you dipped your arm in Acid! :)

Larry L.

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Hey dat my watch,I dropped it in a bucket of acid,I guess you heard it ticking under the pillow.

She told me you had trouble running in them there hot air highheels.She said she wasn't going to buy the hole hog anymore when she could get wittle sausages for free.And I'm not buying the hole cow anymore when I can get milk free...ya need to fix dat back step.
Ahhhhh!! the back step well well well . It dont need a fixin I dump h20 on it so it will freeze know kinda like the first "home alone movie"

The watch wasnt under the pillow it was on her side of the night stand!! And I think it was off an hour !
You sure can tell its too cold for us to work when all we can find to talk about is Dan's wife. Sure could use one of you fellers snowplows about now. Just got hit w/ 6" of white stuff.Its heading your way Dan ,better get that plow ready.

Larry L.

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She is a pretty good lady to put up with onecall and my mouthings,she is the best,hats off to her.

Its good news tho Dan has to go to work :).


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Old Man Winter is evil !!!!! But he won't be here much longer !!!! Get you oils changed and ready to go. Water squirting is right around the corner. I am going back to Florida for another week. I am going to look into washing down there (not)... Unless someone asks me to wash golf balls !!!!!

Larry L.

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Worked in a light 35/37 degree rain saturaday and sunday,today 37 degee with a heavy fog with snow tonight.

I'm ready to slap a few skeeters myseft,tired of old man frost biting at my heels.

I started not to work today b/c I had redone some of my fishing tackle last night.Had crappie fishing on my brain all day,I don't know if I cleaned every will today b/c all I could see was a cooler full of crappie....yeah I ready to slap skeeters.
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GWAS,oil is changed,plugs,filters,new hose,etc. Only problem is that everything still has antifreeze in it. (LOL) I know what you are saying it won't be long now. I just hope I don't go crazy before it gets here!!!!!-4 last night 18 for the high today,the only good news is that tomarrow is supposed to get to 30. We will be working tomarrow.

Larry L.

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Hey man come on down its warmer here,our high today 31,chil 19/26.And I think the only place it will get 31 around here is if your standing againest a black wall out of the wind.

I have gone to telling them "I don't know" when I can get to ya,their reply,is it that cold,my reply,I'll freeze ya to the ground if thats what you want I'm starving I need to work ;).

What do you mean go crazy,you had better enjoy it while you can,want be long and it'll be work work work,we'll miss the fish spawn again.Atleast we don't haveta mow the yard or slap skeeters.........rain/snow here sunday/monday which will make them that much dirtier.

Ate crappie lastnight humm humm.
Walleye is my beloved fish,but crappie is very good also.All panfish are good. 31 degrees? With no wind thats working weather.Its hard to decide at what wind chill you can still work in.Like i said before if it gets below 28 its hard to wash without everything icing up.It just takes twice as long.

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