Doug Rucker

Staff member
Doug what was your mix of pink stuff to water I use 4 to 1
Hard to say Chris. It all depends on the amount of rust and how thick it is. I usually start off about 1 gallon water to 1/2 gallon Pink Stuff and add to it as I need to. Every job is different. For really big jobs, I will downstream it straight from the 5 gallon pail, but these are for jobs that have a lot of rust and all the rust is close proximity to where I am working. Whenever I have let over I pour into and empty 5 gallon pail marked diluted rust remover and use it first for the next job.

chris francis

New Member
Doug thank you for that reply that information is realy help full that kind reminds I need to go to tampa get some pink stuff. No grime I do not mean pink girly stuff I mean clear pink stuff.

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