Any one ever use a PW gun and QC tips to apply sealer?

Hi Guys
I am thinking about building my own sealer sprayer.
I have a 1.5gpm 60psi sureflo pump and was wondering if I could attach a Pw gun and quick connect nozzles to it. The problem would be what nozzle size should I use. Since Ready Seal is quite thin I figured about a 1.5 or 2gpm nozzle but what about when I use a thicker sealer? Does anyone have any answers or is it all trial and air?? Thanks Tim Highfield

Tim Highfield
Hi, We use the set-up you're talking about to apply chemical stripper. Only on BIG jobs. The stripper eats the pump so it's basically a "throw-away". We just figure that in to the bid. Never trid it to Spray Sealer. We use Airless for that. Don Farner

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I think someone already invented that. It's called the "Deckhand". You can make one for much cheaper though if you like. Not much to it. Let me know if I can help.

Rick - Deck Care Plus
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HI Rick
I did get a QC gun handle on the chem sprayer. Now I am playing with different size nozzles. I want one for spindles and one for flat work. Ordered some today hope they work. Tim

Tim Highfield

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