anybodu buidimg their own computers?

Mathew Johnson

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I got a wild idea that if the engineers at Dell can build me a computer, I should be able to build my own and save me a few bucks.

So I have it a good ole fashion try today. I went to tiger direct and started shopping. I bought a case, power supply and all the fixins. I did a little reading on some of the newest technology and ordered, this 6 core super duper processor, an asus motherboard, 2 - 750mb hard drives, some huge hdmi graphics card, 8 gb RAM and two DVD burners and windows 7 professional OEM .

We we started the project at 9:30 this morning (having never put one together before) and were done by 1pm. It was actually pretty easy to do and it saved me a bunch of $$$.

You can build a fast desktop for about 600.00, We put about 980.00 into this one. Give it a try if you havent, it was easier than I thought it would be

Clean County

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My Nephew has been doing that for years and before he left for college in Florida his room looked like a news room with the 4 large monitors side by side with lightning speed for each of them. It was amazing. He also said it was easy to do but no one in my family had an interest to do this. On top of that when anyone had anything wrong Mikey would fix it. Just an all around good kid. He even invented some game years ago on the net that ended up having last heard at least 5000 people daily playing it.

Today Mikey is 21 and works for the Geek Squad in Florida while taking a year off from school so he can establish residency there and then go back to school at a much cheaper rate. He shares an apartment with 4 others he met thru that game he invented and all of them are doing the same thing to get the residency requirements. He is just an all around smart hard working kid that met similiar friends with similiar interest and there living there lives that we admire.
I've built my own PC years ago, more for the learning experience. I still have that machine, and will probably always keep it, if for no other reason for the memory's.

The price of computers and peripherals has become so cheap these days, I can purchase 2 laptops and a HD pc for the cost of what I spent on my last Dell top of the line pc 6 or 7 years ago.

If a fun challenge, enjoy the experience and let me know how it all works out for you.

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