Anyone been fishing lately?

Grant, are you KIDDING???? Let me haven't been lately, either, and need to fish vicariously through those fortunate ones that have been! My two neighbors went on a three day largemouth/smallmouth trip last Wed-Fri and felt the need to call my cell and hoot and hollar after every fish, every fine cigar, and every sip of single batch. I must have had 30 calls. Lovely, huh. I hope you get out soon.

Asheville, NC
Im playin hookie tomorrow and goin fishin. My son has a service call to do in Corpus Christy, so Im taggin along and we will go wet a line when we are done. Beats workin.

When it gets this hot you go trout fishing. My son and I sat on the bank of the Little Red River near Heber Springs Saturday morning and caught (& released) about a dozen trout each. We have plenty in the freezer.

When it gets to hot you just put your feet in the 54 degree water and cool off.

The look on the game warden's face when we told them how many we had caught was priceless as they asked to see our stringer. That's when we told them we released all we caught. The limit is five.

Stay hydrated folks,


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I've planned 3 Striped bass fishing trips this year and had to cancel all but one of them due to my work load.
I'm taking my family on a cruise to Bermuda this friday though and I'm taking my kids deep sea fishing so that should help make up for it a bit. See you all in a week!

Larry L.

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10-4 on the trout,burrrr waded the spring river two weeks ago in belly button deep water.With the real feel temp at 106 the top half of me was melting and the bottom half freezen.Trout fishing was great,caught somewhere around 30,40,released all,we're not crazy bout eating trout just like catching them and the cold water this time of year.

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