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I bought a new PW with a 12v burner.. I know ONE of the problems with the 12 v system is not having a strong enough battery to fire the burner, hence frying the igniter module....Do you guys recommend the Optima group 75 gel battery? Or just a generic deep cycle? Thanks!
I am planning on leaving a solar battery conditioner on it year round, actually mounting it to my tank..


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I had the Interstate Megatron battery (for cars and trucks) in my Hotsy for about 8.5 years and no issues with it, not a marine battery, just a regular car/truck battery. I know that brand is better than just about everything else out there but not sure about the Sears Diehard, they are also great batteries.


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Interstate batteries are excellent, we have been an Interstate battery dealer for years.

Douglas Hicks

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I have had good results with Interstate Batteries for my PW. There is a reason Mark sells Interstate, the quality. The Optima has good reviews, but in my opinion, is overpriced. Buy the largest battery you can. When I sold automotive parts, we found cheap was the most expensive. How much does it cost you to take 1/2 a day off to get a new battery?

I have a battery to power the trailer interior lights, and we often run a fan this time of year to move the warm air from the propane heater around the trailer. The lights and fan are battery powered. We also have a small charger I got from NAPA to keep the battery charged. The charger gets plugged in when the trailer is at the shop. One of these days, I will have my mechanic wire the battery to the Sprinter so it will charge as we drive down the road.


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Thanks guys, I had a gift certificate to O'Reilly's auto parts left over from Christmas. I used that plus my fire department discount to get a Optima marine battery. Cost me the same as an Interstate one. Now I am going to mount a solar conditioner to the top of my tank. Hopefully it will last awhile!

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