Best training class?????????


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Hi everyone........nice board. I'm interested in doing decks and houses.
I see XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX,Sunbrite and Wood Restoration (3 and 5 day class) as the
schools mentioned the most. Anyone been to them? Which was the
best overall?
I own a 3 truck carpet,upholstery and tile and grout cleaning business,,,,,,,I think deck and house cleaning would be a great add on,
We have 3500 clients in our database,which would be a good start.

I want to do the best job possible and would appreciate any
advice regarding training. Thank you.
I've been to the PWNA wood restoration certification course and I thought it was great for teaching new people the proper methods.
I know this is an old post, I just wanted to update the information. The Contractors Foundation took over another training company last year, all of the courses have been updated with the latest information, and a lot more content has been added to the classes and manuals.

We have also lowered the prices on the classes and we have included certifications into the new pricing. We developed new classes and manuals to make it more affordable for everyone to get the Information they want.

In addition, we have added more courses and we are almost finished developing a contractor support system unlike anything seen before.*

We are teaching courses this weekend in Georgia, then we will have classes in Maryland and new jersey in march 2012.

For more information about the Contractors Foundation and future classes visit*Our power washing classes will help you become more successful

Clean County

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Hey Henry- the site looks excellent. In this day and age I would recommend people jump on board with companies like this to get some training under there belt and to market that also.

In my case I have a question. I see you have an EPA compliant pressure washing services class. Can you expound on that one a little and can someone take a certification for that class afterwords. Also how long do you guys honor these certifications as being good for and what about when you want to renew it? Can you explain the price structure for that also.

I think what you guys are doing is excellent and it also raises the bar which is what I want my company to do also and within that I'm looking to get a few Environmental certifications under my belt.

Power Washing Classes

Hi John, yes the Contractors Foundation offers a course on EPA compliant power washing services that explains the Clean Water Act, and how you can provide services that meet these requirements. It also helps you learn how to use the EPA regulations to charge more for your services (Since you are compliant) and how you can market your companies EPA compliant services that places you outside of most of your usual competition when bidding on jobs. All of our power washing classes include a hands on training session or on site demonstration and a training certification. The certifications are renewable each year for a small fee.

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