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<font color=e87400>Beth

You’re a couple cans short of a six pack.

I am simply amazed at the things you do & say.

Like I said in my last post in the Convention/PWNA/IWCA thread. "If you want to reply to this do it in a new thread!" Quit taking away from a thread that has a legitmate contribution by instagating problems. If you want to go <b>as you say</b> "Toe to Toe" with me <i>but egging people on is not professional as you quoted</i> Then lets go. Right here, Right now if you have the chaps for it! I'm tired of your persistant nonsense!

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In all of your innuendo’s of integrity & good nature with statements of “It’s how I was raised†& I believe in helping people†you sure to tend to appear as an ugly person. You make comments of professionalism & tell others to be non-confrontational but here you are, slinging mud & being confrontational. Your actions are really beyond me. You say that people should help. Well I try to help in an area that myself & others feel is not in the best interest of our businesses & you come & offer nothing but ill will & discontent.

You made the statement that others should get involved. Well Beth here we are, getting involved. Why is it that you tell us to get involved but all you can do is take cheap shots at ME for doing so. I was set off by your initial comment. The one that said <I>>“is that the folks singing it are the ones who never try to make a difference.â€</I> that comment, as I said before, is a poke. It belittles me & everyone else that is posting in support of what initiated the thread, however disparaging your words it was still an attack at peoples character & ideals.

Further you make statements of Professionalism, being Confrontational, Egging People on. Yet all those little rules you spoke of were violated by YOU! You egged more on than probably any other in that post. You just kept Poking at people left & right. Your little comment about my “lack or respect for women†which is COMPLETELY & TOTALLY unsubstantiated.
Myself, I was utterly astonished that even after Mike H came to set the record straight regarding that statement YOU still had to stand your ground with the statement. Making yet another Poke at me in regards to me having a lack of respect for women. If anyone has a lack of respect for women it’s you Beth, for you’re the one giving your own gender a bad wrap by taking such cheap shots. Why would you say that? Was it merely an attempt to discredit me or perhaps a dual attempt to Discredit me & gain some pity support for your being a woman. In either case it was pretty pathetic. The list of your Pokes & jibes in that thread are plentiful, there are many more.

Now in your latest edit of your post you have dug up my Anti-PWNA statements from over at the Cleaner Network. Which is why I have chosen to make this particular post. Once again it’s a ploy by you to take yet another Poke at me. My views of the PWNA are no secret & don’t belong in that thread if you think they do belong there then you are not even trying to be objective, you are trying to discredit me rather than making a valid case which supports the convention. My making those statements on an open forum are not a violation to anything. Finding many more would be quite easy, just type PWNA & Cody in the search box. What I have said in the past & what I am saying in the Convention/PWNA/IWCA thread are of little importance as a pair. Perhaps this is part of the problem. You won’t make an effort to try & be objective with what I have posted. You are seemingly more interested in discrediting me than you are acknowledging what I have said.

The Convention/PWNA/IWCA thread was pretty much void of such statements for reasons of “Professionalismâ€, which you obviously know little about. If you did know anything about Professionalism & knowing my history with my non-organization stance then you should have been applauding that post with regards of the objectivity that I made it with. My purpose with it was not to host a PWNA bashing thread or any kind of bashing thread. IT was to create awareness to the possibilities of it’s negative affect on the “Contractors†of this industry & to debate was this really a good idea.

In your rebuttals on the subject you threw objections left & right without as much as a shred of viability or/of instances where your point is substantiated. I posted rebuttals that refuted yours & shared examples of why I disagreed. Right or Wrong. If you are going to sell anyone on why your way is better then you had better convince them of it in a manor that suggest your are at least somewhat right. I hope your businesses customer sales are not this lacking.

Do I seem to be one that is not driven by profits? If so then you are evidently not to perceptive. For me it’s all about the profits. If you can tell me where this creates more profits for me & my company then I’ll hop on board so fast it’ll make your head spin. Fact is, to this point no one has made a valid argument aside from it affords the PWNA to have a better quality convention. However that "I" feel this is outweighed by the possible negative ramifications. Please, Explain it to me in terms I can understand where Teaching everyone that wants to know helps my business. I’m all eyes. It’s been said that I’m not willing to change & that I am one sided, & I’m not this & not that. On one hand this is right because, if you cannot sell me something concrete to grab onto then I’m not buying it! Sell me something I can use then I’ll take it!

Newbies are like Piranhas. You toss one Piranha in a pool your swimming in & it won’t bother you. Toss in 5 & they will probably be little more than a nuisance Toss in 50 & they’ll eat you alive. How much plainer can an example get.

To add further insult to injury you say things like “Cody has some valid points†& “Some things mentioned are being worked onâ€. Well Beth, you say things like “I do not believe many of you have put positive time into the betterment of the org†in the same paragraphâ€. You say “This same song has been sung for years, but the funny thing about it, is that the folks singing it are the ones who never try to make a difference†In your initial post to that threadâ€. What the hell Beth. You obviously don’t realize that you are refuting the very thing that you have protested, I hope others do. You keep saying we should help. Well here we are “trying†& you say were not, just because you don’t agree with it does not mean others don’t as well, which is evident by the amount of support this thread has gotten. To top it off you're saying that we are not helping, well, you are not helping because you won’t even share the “valid points†& elaborate on them for others to discuss & ie; HELP WITH. What is there an inner-circle of PWNA power officials you must discuss it with first?

How can we help, if you won’t elaborate? If you won’t elaborate on the “valid points†& the things “being worked on†then why are you posting here? All I have seen you do is add agitation to an already agitated crowd. The Convention/PWNA/IWCA post is probably one the better responded to post in BBS history with regards to the quality of the people that have entered into the discussion. Yet here you are, “Stirring the Potâ€.

You say "You don't know what I am thinking" Well I say No S#*!. How about you try & tell us. Perhaps then rather than bickering & putting each other down we can get back on track & make progress. Again, you're saying one thing & doing another,

Do US all a favor. If you don’t have something constructive to add to it then please don’t post! I am not saying that you cannot post your views opposing mine or others, that is what debate is about I am saying that if you must keep poking people & sitting on information relevant to the topic then just say stay out of it.

I know that I am guilty of engaging you on a few occasions in that post. I regret doing so. I did so because of your persistence to discredit me & my message without anything of any viability. Sure you can say that I took the first swing when I made the “Fire Beth†comment, in reality however it was a duck & a counter-punch, & I know that doesn't make it right. I admitted it was out of line & told you why I said it. You could have taken the high road there & simply accepted the apology. Rather though you further “egged it onâ€. And me I took the low road & deflected it, what choice do you leave me? Everything with the exception of my “Fire Beth†statement since has been you just slinging mud at me & me deflecting it, & deflecting it effectively I might add. I suppose that my new loathing for you comes from the fact that you mix in so many disparaging comments to your post & in the same sentences you will try to appear innocent. Beth, that don’t fly with me. Not only is it stupid to think I & others don’t get it, it’s another slap in my face. You just keeping bashing away with your little innuendo’s in an effort to maintain your innocence all the while instigating more problems thinking that it’s ok.

You are as two-faced as they come. You say one thing & do another. Try leading by example for once. Not by "do as I say & not as I do." All of your BS here only furthers confirms my belief that you are totally guided by self-interest which would ordinarily be ok, but since it is contrary to what you say it paints a picture of a severe lack of integrity.

Here's you a Homework Assignment!
<li>Show & Tell me where I have made a statement that is derogatory towards Women.

<li>Tell me where I deserved such an accusation as “His obvious lack or respect for women†& where the professionalism is in making such a statement

<li>Tell me where in the Convention/PWNA/IWCA thread did I say that “I HAD NOT SLAMMED THE PWNA BEFOREâ€

<li>Tell me how my Convention/PWNA/IWCA post is not an effort to help. The post is not an ANTI-PWNA post it is a Post that is PRO “Established†“POWER WASHING†Contractors. The very Contractors that the PWNA is supposed to represent.

Since you thought it necessary to bring up my post comments from the Cleaner Network. I’ll pose these to you.

<li>Tell me where a certified KEV contractor with only 3 months in the business is going to be a better choice than a non-certified contractor who has been at KEV for 17 years.

<li>Tell me what affiliation the certification process has with an accredited educational source which validates the certification, it’s process & the instructor for said certification training?

<li>Tell me where the PWNA is not a Joke when it boast integrity & quality of it’s membership yet does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to substantiate such statements nor concern itself with any actions to enforce any.

If you can answer any of those in a remotely intelligent manor I’ll be dam impressed!

I firmly stand by my statement that you should be voted off of the board of directors for the PWNA for your total lack of professionalism within this argument. You are obviously biased & show no signs of objectivity thus you show no signs in respecting the "Contractors" which you represent within that position.
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here is the deal............ Im not going to say one way or the other what is what.....I will say this though .......

Cody , I understand how you feel Really I do ....... But I also think that some of what you wrote should be sent directly to Beth by e-mail or a phone call .instead of in the public eye ..........

You can take it for what it is worth ....

have a great day/night guys

Dan Flynn

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It should be ok to voice your opinion, without getting slashed because your opinion is different from the circle. I respect Cody for his merit.


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You removed direct quotes and a link from the post I placed in another thread. They were verifiable quotes, not slander. However, there have been slanderous comments aimed at me and they have NOT been edited. Do I need to quote them to have them acted upon?

Perhaps you ought to edit them and truly keep things level.

David Saulque

<b>PWN TEAM - Hood Moderator</b><br<b><font color=
Small point-slander is the spoken word & libel is the written word. I just looked it up!

We see your (both) points and some of wish that this issue should be kept between to adults and two computers. To go back and edit something that is open to interpretation from a legal scholar is not in the cards. We don't have the tools to make that call-this fight is a on going slug fest along with hidden Emails and posts that were not public. I read some of these posts and I just set back "WHAT-Did I miss Something".



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<font color=e87400>Beth

Perhaps the reason they edited them was because they did not belong there. Had I wanted to bash the PWNA in that thread I would have. That post was in my own self-interest I won’t deny that, however in this case my own self-interest was in defense of others as well. It was a post made of an issue/situation that has “potential†to affect many “Contractorsâ€

You grabbing my quotes from another source that are negative to the PWNA which is something that I never disputed doing was really out of line & furthers to reflect your lack of objectivity. More so after I told you that if you wanted to carry on our little tiff, do so in a new post. In a new post I would have had no complaints with you digging up whatever you can find. Instead though, you chose to further belittle me in what I can only guess was an attempt to further belittle my thread.

A note for the future. I don’t hold it against you or anyone for having notions of how things should be done that are contrary to my own. But I am sick & tired of getting hoodwinked at every turn. In the future please offer up your “constructive criticismâ€. But don’t get offended & start poking anyone when they refute it. If they are wrong in your perspective then simply refute them in a professional manor. And prepare to do it all over again. That’s Debate. It's also how many things get "Accomplished"

For myself I will do my best to never again engage in matters as I have in the post of late. It won’t happen. It has only served to muddy the message. In the future whenever I feel someone is Hoodwinking me or outright bashing me I will start a new thread just for the purpose of the argument, where it will not affect the thread in which myself or another may be trying to make a point which it’s author feels is in the best interest of the industry. This of course will be voided in the event someone starts a thread making a point & using bashing as a means to do so.


PS I apologize for the way this played out.

Another PS. I was going to post the link to that thread for you Beth then I realized that there is a policy here which states "no linking to other BBS" So rather than linking it. Anyone who wants to see it just go to CC board, type Cody in the Search Box & fid the "I don't know what's up with" post by ParadiseProWash. Then simply open it & find the Orange.
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Dan S

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Theres your apology . It dont need deleted !!

cant get much "level" then that ....................>>

Larry L.

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Beth it wasn't Moderators that deleted part of your post,it was a moderator,me.What you dragged from another board had no merit to the thread at hand and you KNOW not to link this board with others.

Again I will say this board is different from the rest,some things we let go b/c of our time,its no need to keep telling you the rules b/c your going to break them anyhow,so don't hallower when you get part of you post edited or deleted. You wanted to go toe to toe so here is your chance,just keep it clean and obey the rules.

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