Box Truck enclosed pressure washing setup


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1994 Mitsubishi Fuso FK, "under cdl" 160K miles, this is low miles for this truck.
New tires all around, paid $1,1850
Landa SLT, 200 hrs, 8gpm, 3500psi, two guns at once, retails for $16,000
Hyrdo Tek, hydro loop, wastewater recovery system, recovers 5gpm, retails for $3,500
1200 gall. tank, with anti sloshing baffles, retails $1,850
2 steel eagle hose reels, just rebuilt.
200ft of hose
2 guns
Landa surface cleaner

Willing to do partial trade for two new skid mounted 5gpm units.


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How much are you asking for the entire package ? Do you have all the maintenance records for the truck and the Landa skid ? How many hours on the Hydro Tek unit ? Do you have any pictures of the Hydro Tek unit, the condition of the filters and tank ? How much for the Hydro Tek unit itself ?

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If you could post more information about the whole set up and more pics. Are you willing to part this out?

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