bribery and intemindation?



we went back to a 2-story brick duplex today,
we had already done a demo getting garffiti off,
and no-one ever bothered or approched us, even though
it appeared that the young kids across the street were dealing drugs in front of us. Well, we went today to clean off this graffiti we put on the chemical and started to clean, was comming off real good no problem. Then someone got my attention I turned around to find about 8 14-22 year old black males telling me I can't remove that, explained that was what I do then they said that I shouldn't remove ZULU. Told them I had to that that was my job and one took out a large roll of money and said he would pay me not to.

Well, we refused and finished the job but we were very nervous. Kept watching our backs.

What would some of ya'll do? It was very hard to pretend not to be scared. These guy were serious. We did get it all done so we would not have to go back and got out of there before dark. Have a feeling the graffiti will be back on the house tomorrow.

Jim & Shirley

well, you gotta feel sort of sorry for them... they are trying to identify with something. You did right! ...and yeah - it probably there already!
Unless the artist was no longer with them!
Might have been a memorial type thing to the kid with the bank roll...

Never Know!

At least you were safe.

Cleaning America - One Job At A Time!
You probably ran across a local gang. They use
graffiti to mark their territory and to send
messages to other gangs and as a form of
expression so to speak.

I think you did the right thing and I would
have been nervous too. Luckily they didn't
try to harm you or your equipment. I'll bet
the building owner wasted their money on that
job. As Randy said, the graffiti is probably
back on there already. I probably wouldn't
do that job again though. They may not pull
out a roll of cash next time.

Well that depends, How much money did they offer? No really just kidding.

You guys did the right thing. The owner hired you to do a job and you did it.

I've worked with some kids like that in my other job. They probably had no thoughts of harming you, but it was good to watch your back.

Like the other guys said, the graffiti is probably back on already. You probably don't want to take that job again.

Good Decision



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