broom versus surface cleaner

Me again. I appreciate everyone's help so far, you have all answered so many questions for me and have made this much easier.

My next question is for surface cleaning. I hope to have a 5.5 gpm upto a 8 gpm unit and am not sure as to the amount of surfaces I will be cleaning. I hope to do a fair amound of patios and driveways and maybe some side walks for businesses.

With this in mind, it a cheaper water broom a good way to start and do they do a good job - they appear to be nothing more than a wand that can better cover a larger area. Or should I go with a surface cleaner such as a 24 inch steel eagle or similar.

Thanks, MIke
The word "cheapo" should tell you that it's not gonna be worth it! If you're going to aim to provide quality work, you shouldn't try to do it with cheap stuff. It'll cost you more in the long run.


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