Burner fires all the time

My problem is the opposite of Tim's. My burner will not shut off automatically. the burner fires with the gun open or shut. Sunday the hot water did not work, replaced the hi-limit switch, still no hot water. Monday I had my service man work on the PW. He replaced the micro-switch in the ressure switch , burner fired. Did a chinese Tuesday nite,the burner fired constantly. blew the end off my hose going from the PW to the hose reel.yesterday I
replaced the hose and the hi-limit switch and the micro-switch in the pressure switch mounted in the head of the pump. I did see moisture in the pressure switch housing, and the plunger that shuts off the micro-switch does operate. Still the burner won't shut off. The new hose now is leaking through the crimp-on fitting, not around the fitting, throught the fitting it self. This thing is a bomb waiting to blow. I cancelled last nites work and hood cleaning work for the rest of the week, till I get this fixed and the machine is safe to use. This is a Delco RK 27 (Elite)w/General TS 2021. At 245 hours I replaced the transformer, at 375 hours I replaced the hi-limit switch. I don't know how many hours now, but I have replced 3 hi-limit switches, 1 transformer, 2 micro-switches in the pressure switch, 1 pressure switch in less less than 500 hours. I have taken the pump apart and replaced the ceramic plungers 3 times. Isn't this an excessive amount of repair to the machine? Of course, it seems to go down when I have out of town work scheduled.


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Did your serviceman wire the micro switch corectly.
sounds like your micro switch is shorted.check the switch,and wireing.



Either the switch is wired backwards or shorted from too much current or there is a short in the wiring or something stuck in the fuel solnoid. The way to isolate the problem is to dis connect the wires from the pressure switch inside of the electrical box . Not inside of the pressure switch but at the other end of the wire. Tape the wires closew it back up and try it again. If the burner still burns with the wires off then the pressure switch is not the problem. If it won't burn BINGO. If it burns go streight to the solnoid and remove the coil from it and try it again with that off. If it still burns you have something stuck in the solnoid. If it STOPS you have some wires crossed or shorted.

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tried that, and that, and that too. I think I found the problem, after watching the prressure switch with the cover off. The pressure switch plunger did not always engage, or disengage. I replaced the pressure switch, works ok now.
Thanks for the help
Douglas Hicks
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I removed the cover on the pressure switch, and noticed some moisture in the switch. The plunger did not always move in or out. I replaced the switch assembly with new one. I also used a couple of nipples and elbows to move the switch so it no longer screws directly into the pump head. I will see if this makes the switch last longer. So far the burner is working like it is suppose to, except it seems to take a long time to get hot water to the wand. (that problem is for the next post)

Douglas Hicks
General Fire Equipment Co of Eastern Oregon, Inc
Still having problems w/ the burner. It fires ok when I first start the PW. If i shut off my nozzle, the burner shuts off like it is supposed to. When I open the nozzle, the burner usually does not come back on. to get the burner on, I have to shut off the burner, shut off the engine, open the nozzle. When I am ead;y to spra;y water, I need to start the engine, turn on the burner and go back jto work. This adds alot to the time to clean a hood. I change both the micro-swithc and the hi-temp swith yesterday. Unfortunatly, that made no difference. I do have a new pump/solenoid for the diesel pump, but do not think that will make any difference, as I tested the solenoid valve and it always tests OK.
Douglas Hicks
General Fire Equipiment Co of EAstern Ore, Inc

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It sounds as tho your ignition electrode's are set to high up and a little to far apart.

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