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PressurePros said:
Here is one for RE Crouse I did in two minutes with The Logo Creator from Laughingbird Software. I think the program is like $35.

Yes that is one of the software titles I had mentioned, there are nearly 7-8 different versions of laughingbird's logo creator a spiritual one, a sports themed one blah blah blah.. the list goes on, or you can buy the "MEGA PACK" for around $200. I don't spend much time creating the logos you see on here, and yes your correct about color choices, but in order to correctly choose the color/theme/images, it's a process of determining exactly what they want their buisness to portray and who exactly is their marketing audience. ALSO by the increasing population which is colorblind one must take that into effect, there's so many variables that you could take into perspective and consideration but I ultimatly decide on a logo that just "looks good to me".


New to pressure cleaning

PowerWashPros said:
Hi, this is Nicole at Powerwash Pro's. I do graphic design work in my spare time - this is my release therapy, some people garden...I do graphic design. Well if any of you ever need a logo designed for your business, I will be more than happy to help you out. Yes, they are free and they are yours to keep, not rights reserved by me, they will be yours. Just let me know your company name and what colors you like. Thanks...

* I have TONS of examples and I can create a company name and logo from scratch!
Hi nicole i stubbled across this blog looking for ideas for logo for my new business because of you i joined i think its great idea im impressed with yr talents :) and looking for classy designe im from New Zealand and the name is BLUE RIBBON SERVICES the logo will be for white van great to hear from you if you have any ideas. Many thanks Dean
Just my opinion...

but seeing as how a national ad firm that does print and video work for several Fortune 200 companies has reviewed the logo that Nicole provided to me - and suggested only 1 very minor change to the font - I think we'll be okay with it. It's very memorable, makes a bold statement about our company, works great on our white or tan trucks / trailers, and, well, we just really like it. I've offered to pay 2 separate design groups to create a decent logo, and neither could do one worth a tick's ass on a toad. Nicole hit it outta the park 1st try - and she won't let me pay her for the work she did. Gotta like someone that makes to their mark like that.

Kiwi Dean, I suggest you send Nicole a private email. You can find her address a few pages back, best way to work with her.
Hi Nicole, I just joined. Noticed your work and I just want to say NICE WORK! I am new to the power washing field but not so new to the logo industry. I work part time digitizing company logos for embroidery applications. I do charge for that service because it is very time consuming. If any of you need your company logo put into a stitch format for embroidery applications you can request a quote at any time and will give any member of the PWN a considerable discount. I just want to say that I didn't join this network for that reason but maybe it is a way I can help you guys because you are all so helpful. It is so nice to be in an area of respectful and helpful professionals.
Cindy Manolis
Hi Can I get a Logo too?

Hi , It would be so cool if you could make me a logo, I am a newbie who needs one bad.My company name is Ultimate Shine Power Wash ..Thanks so much !!!


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Please help with logo

Hi, my name is Chad Knapp, I am starting a business in Charlotte NC. If your still doing them...
I need one. My company name is Charlotte Outdoor Impact. The company will offer many services mostle pressure washing and lawn care.
I think Green, White maybe another color also... Yellow? I really like the green with white background. Thanks alot.

my email is

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