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Okay... woodcare 101...

I think your mixing some of the information Tim.

Sodium Percarbonate - A user friendly environmentally safe oxygen based cleaner (similar to the oxyclean product you see on TV). Dissolves best in warm water. Spray solution on deck and allow to work for 15-20 minutes. Then start cleaning deck using the lowest pressure possible.

After cleaning is complete mix up a oxalic brightening solution. Mix 2 lbs oxalic crystals to 5 gallons of water and allow to dissolve. This will only dissolve into a 10% solution, the remaining will settle to the bottom of the bucket and can be used again. Spray solution on deck... you'll notice an immediate brightening of the wood. Allow to dwell 15 mins and rinse from surface.

At this point allow the deck to dry a few days and your ready to seal. This procedure is good for everyday weathered decks and worn penetrating finishes (thompsons). If there is a film based product on the deck you will need to strip the finish off and neutralize. Contact me for further details at:


There's a lot to learn in this field and a vast portion will come from experience. This is our typical process so it will vary from contractor to contractor. There was a mention of using New Again for cleaning decks as well.... this is a sodium hydroxide based product which will strip a finish from a deck. In my opinion this is overkill when it comes to simply cleaning and restoring.

Call me for further insight into wood care (219) 548-2670

Greg Rentschler
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Tim Smith

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First of all, Thanks.

I can not find these chemical anywhere. I look under chemicals in the yellow pages and all say the same thing: We only deal with farm chemicals (Fertilizer).

I want to try this but can not find the stuff.

Tim Smith

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No I do not have it completed. A lot of stuff going on. When I do, it will be posted. A lot of irons in the fire right now.

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