Cedar shake cleaning and sealing

Well, I am another newbie. I have read alot of past posts in the last month, but this is my first post on this board.

I've never cleaned cedar shake siding. I know they are delicate so I need help on the procedure to clean, the chemicals, mildew control, and the sealant.

I've been told on another board to clean like a deck.
I've seen the post here from 6-19-2000. I guess theres no preference in chemical usage. There is alot of foliage around the home.

Honestly, I'd like to candidly know the name brands on what works for you.

JR, I kept hitting the wrong keys.


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I have only done a few of these because they are a real pain in the a55,Cedar shakes take a lot longer than decks because to do it right you have to go up and down on each individual shingle.The way I found to do them the quickest for me, is to use a mild solution of sodium hydroxide,and wait( a good 20 minutes, mist if necessary) it seems to go faster. Then after getting all the black and mold and mildew off,neutralize with a medium solution of oxalic acid(wait 20 minutes also,the longer you wait the more the nail streaks will dissolve) to get the nail streaks and rust off and to brighten.Then rinse real good to achieve a nice even cleaning.The sealer is up to you.I use Olympic natural look and olympic maximum,because there is no drips.I have used Wolman F&P and cabots...Nobody can really tell you what you should be using.Just try a bunch of different sealers and use the one that is right for you.
Almost all good sealers are going to last 2 years on horizontal and 4 years on vertical surfaces.
Here is a few that I can think of, that are good products.
  • Wolman F&P and Raincoat
    [*]Ready seal
    [*]Olympic maximum

I am sure there are others and someone else will surely list them.
Remember it takes a lot longer to do shakes than a deck so estimate accordingly.

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