Changing computers and transfering files.


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I bought a used desk top computer last week and now I am in the process of moving all my files. The absolute fastest way is to use ethernet to transfer the files but that is too technical to post. Since I do not have a hub or a cross over cable I am having to do this manually.

1. Jzip is a free program for creating and unzipping files so you can transfer a bunch at one time. I am doing this with a 4gb flash drive. Jzip also supports rar file types.

2. I use firefox for my browser and thunderbird for my email client. Both are from Mozilla. There is a utility called MozBackup that will create a backup of all your settings and emails and allow you to restore them on a new computer. This was really easy.

I think I will be using the backup to make sure I do not lose my emails and browsing info that I really need. Especially with all the sites that require passwords.

Just thought I would pass this on if others are changing computers, maybe it will make life a little easier.

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