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Im just about to get my businss running plaaning on using the winter to learn and get a feel for pricing and estimating. I wanted to know if anyone on this site has any good recipes for goood chemicals to use on roofs , drive ways ,houses , etc. or if theres one that will do the job for all work !
Mixing your own?

If you give me a call we can talk all about the chems to use for those jobs. I can be a big help, but not here without useing bad manners/ethics. 1866-537-2748 x25


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do a search

on each surface type and read past posts.
There are a number of people here that sell fine products to specificaly clean each surface and diffrent soils that get on each surface type.
The one thing that can help with all surfaces is HOT water.

I always recommend finding a local chemical company in your area and build a relationship with them. That in no way means not to buy from other companies. It simply means to have two or three vendors to use in case needed. What you usually can get from a local vendor is knowledge and education on chemicals and some good recommendations. Most vendors will take the time to go over things with you in hopes of getting your business. Don't forget to get MSDS sheets on any you purchase.Good Luck.
I have found over the years there are so many chemicals out there!~~~ Just go out and find a bunch of them and mix them all together and should do the trick whatever you are cleaning...
Actually we use a homemade mix that cleans roofs/homes/most concrete. Look back at the past threads...lots of info there. Cleaning decks is another animal... :)
You can email me if you wish.
I know what your looking for - I was in your shoes not long agol

First of all, the better quality the chemical -- the easier it is to clean: saving on man hours.

House wash mix: In a five gallon bucket, mix two gallons of bleach, bottle of dishwashing soap, and a cup of liquid vehicle wax, filled the rest of the bucket with water. You will need a quality soap if cleaning gutters. Make a search on the x-jet. Cut my house wash times in half, but you must use a quality soap with the x-jet, with the x-jet you must rely on the chemical not the pressure.

That same mixture can be use to remove mold from patios ect.

Decks (Wood Restoration) - I use a percarbonate base cleaner and brighten with oxalic acid -- works great. You can purchase what you need at You will also find receips for cleaning. Do a search on ReadySeal.

Another product that is awesome is HD80 - Do a search.

The best thing to do: Read Read Read on this site. Use that search engine. There are a lot of experieced individuals on this board. Just do not get overwelm from all the technical talk and feel you need the biggest pressure washer available and a huge trailer with surface cleaners, etc. Yes, all of that will make your job easier and you can make more money, but you can do a quality job with the equipment that you can afford. When taking a job - keep in mind your limitations due to equipment.

email me if you like- I'll be glad to talk with you. Like I said, I am finishing my first season if business will ever slow down. I have learned a lot this year and will be glad to share. My strong points are in running a business, marketing, taxes, strategic planning, etc.

"A smart man learns from his mistakes. A wise man learns from other peoples mistakes" SEARCH ENGINE.


good post

hi tim
what a good post,all the right info very succinct and on the money,
when i do a search now i open notepad and copy and paste any info on the subject i am lookimg up into, you can paste several items into it and save as wood,chems or concrete etc in fact i run it all the time now i only wished i had done it from the start.

i see one of your strengths is marketing and with you having such a good year i was wondering what your thoughts were on what has got you your business this last year.
if you care to answer perhaps in another thread away from this one.....if your to busy no probs.

cheeers paul.
Originally posted by Tim Smith
House wash mix: In a five gallon bucket, mix two gallons of bleach, bottle of dishwashing soap, and a cup of liquid vehicle wax, filled the rest of the bucket with water.

Hey Tim,

Did you say a BOTTLE of dishwashing soap??
Let me clarify - one of those small bottles.

I use 675 degreaser from Steve Rowlett - works great

ZEP wax that you buy at Wal Mart works great - you can put it right in your mixture - really improves the final appearance. Make sure you rinse well.

The key is producing a quality product and customers will find you. Just starting out, its hard to rely on word of mouth.

I own several business and pretty much have the same formula:

1) Get in the Yellow Pages -- When developing your add - answer the following questions as if you are looking for a contractor -
*Is this a fly by night power washer or reputable pressure washer contractor? Get Insured and list it in your yellow page ad. example INSURED FOR YOUR PROTECTION. What message does that send?
*Can I afford this? FREE ESTIMATE. This sends a message of security to the customer. Nothing to lose
*What services does this company offer? Very important. If you specialize is decks - put it in the ad.
example: Wood Restoration Experts - Decks, Fence, etc.

You must have a Logo and Slogan to draw the potential customer to your add. Use a slogan that sends a message to the customer.
example: I use "Protect & Increase the Value of your Property"
What message does that send?
Logo - statistics shows that customers will identify with a logo before the name of the business. A logo should send a message as well as the name. What message are you wanting to send?

I will not go in detail with the remaining - this is not the forum to do so, but I will list them.

2) Presentation is everything! When taking a call (Your message on the answer machine informs the customer of how professional your company may be - If its a home line - impression is "do it on the side with a sears pressure washer) when you return a call, give the estimate (Is it hand written or computer generated with logo, title, etc. Do you include a contract with that estimate - back to that security issue) Finally doing the job - Kindness & respect to the customer along with producing a quality product will develop a customer/sales person for you.

Something I do: I have develop - deck restoration steps, log home restoration steps, house wash restoration steps, etc and give it along with my estimate/contract. What does this say to the customer? Security - this guy is not cleaning my deck, he is restoring my deck. Start talking about neutralizing and raising the ph level - they are hooked.

3) Targeting your market by mail list, and where you place ads.

4) Networking with other contractors both in your field and outside your field.

Most important - use words like Restoration instead of POWERWASHER - if you have a cedar deck, you as a customer, do you want it POWERWASH or restored. Use the word Pressure instead of Power.

Sorry i have carried on so much - business is my passion.
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Sorry i have carried on so much - business is my passion.

i can see that you have really studied it and that is certainly the way to go, with so many good insights in your post i have printed it out to follow up some of the good points you have touched on.

when you say " what message does this send to a customer " i had not grasped that there is also a underlying message there aswell. i must read up on subliminal messages if i can fingd any.

thanks tim plenty of food for thought there.

cheers paul.

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