Chemicals And What To Carry?

Hello Fellow PW,

Well I have been away from the board for a while due to the fact that you folks taught me so much that I went out and started working. Now pw'ing full time. Thanks to all of you who answered my questions.

Anyway, here is another one....A long time ago I think I saw a post on what chemicals you guys carry. It seems like it read a lot like the post on spare parts. I have searched several times but could not find the post (it may not even exist, i may have dreamed it). Does anyone remember the post?

So my mission now is to better learn the raw chems that are avaibable. So what do you guys carry?

I generally carry the following:

1) bleach
2) aluminum brightner
3) a cleaner with sodium mesticulate
4) a cleaner with sodium hudroxide
5) a cleaner like car wash soap

What would you guys include or take away.


For us it depends on what we are doing. Since we do deck work, house washing, concrete cleaning, roof washing, ect... it sort of depends on the days schedaul. We load for what the day needs and that keeps down on too much stuff in the trucks. Lord knows how quick they can fill up. We do try to keep the trucks as a rolling shop, so there's a little of the most common things we often use, but since the type of job can change, so to, can the products needed. I think for everyone, the type of jobs you're doing will dictate what materials are kept in the trucks.
Many distibuters have products designed for specific cleaning jobs, as well as generalized cleaners with uses for more than one job. Lots of effort has gone into the development of these products and in most cases should be easer on the prof. than mixing up their own concoctions. For the prices of them, is it worth handling dangerous chems. and risking the strength consistancy to save a few pennies? That will be for each to answer. With todays technoligy, it seems the prof. would want chems to be fast, strong, and meet their needs without breaking their wallets. There out there,you just have to pick. Ask questions of your distibuters and edjucate yourself on how the chems in products function. Then the right product for you will easily find their way into your trucks. That's just my two cents worth. You may disagree.:)
We always carry EVERYTHING! It never fails that we are on the job and we always put out our sign by the front lawn and over comes a neighbor wanting some work done. So we prepare ahead of time and make sure we have all the cleaning supplies to do most any job we are asked stored in the van. Everything from a spray bottle of simple green to deck wash to bleach to concrete cleaner to gutter zap. :eek:)
What is a good brightner chemical to put on concrete

I use a surface cleaner on new concrete what is something that will brighten it up when im done ?
Tracy and Denis make valid points. We carry a bit of everything as well and yes it can be a pain if you don't have your rig organized.

Carry oxalic acid as a wood and concrete brightener.

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