Its raining here like a cow pissing on a flat rock a little on the cool side to. My wifes got a pot of homemade chili brewing with tomatoes I grew In the garden. I am sipping on some homemade wine I made from last year. Wish ya all could come by.

Well there Country....I am a vegetarian but I would not mind a "mater" sandwich with a sip of the good stuff. We are from North Georgia and not far from Murphy NC.


Living Life On the Edge Makes Us Dizzy...WE LOVE DIZZY!

Dennis A. Cormier and Gloria A. Wagner
North Georgia Spray Masters, Inc.

Georgia & George Smith

Well I needed to finish sealing a woodsided house but it rained me out and it was cold so instead I stayed home fixed homemade soup and put the kids to bed early, going to cuddle with my sweety
Poor fellow had to teach today ,I think he needs some after school care.

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