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April's edition of Cleaner Times drought article is loaded over on TGS. I am having a computer moment and can't get anything to work. Anyway the article is a good read and I personally feel that is was well written and fair.

Kudos go out to everyone in the industry for bringing the drought situation to the forefront.

Relief for Washers will continue to keep this topic alive and fresh as we feel that water conditions or lack there of will be a common place for some states. I suspect and believe that Celeste over at PWNC will do the same.

Again, my personal thanks to all in the industry that took notice of this situation. I am not only speaking about the RFW initiative but also PWNC. Even though there have been some "sticky" situations down this road I am certainly gratified that at the end ~ the industry took note of the drought, responded and benefited - for me that is one step in the right direction.
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The staff at the Cleaner Times was great to work with! We feel very honored to have had as much attention to our situation here as we did. Many of us are taking the opportunity to use the article to show some of the "non-believers" here that there is an issue that has gleaned national attention in our industry. There are still many that are only focusing on the negatives right now as opposed to helping to educate the customers here....Contradictory information published serves only to muddy the little water we have.

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