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After aprrox. 8 months in this business, I am still searching for a reliable chemical mixture for hoiuse washing. Up to now, I have been using a mixture of bleach and liquid Tide applied through a downstream injector. I am not satisfied with this mixture. I feel the bleach is too weak at times, and I find myself reapplying the chemicals over and over in order for the mildew/algae to be removed. I especially have problems with 2nd level cleaning. The mixture is not strong enough. I have also used Limonene. Works good; however, if not rinsed quickly enough, it leaves hard to remove streaks on the glass. Should I try chlorine? What lifts diert good? Can any of you share some suggestions on what you use and your mixtures? I am tired of wasting money and time.
Thanks and God bless!!!
Maz, La.


Wild Man

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I have found a honest to goodness great chemical,
And it can be used on everything from trucks to vinyl.
If I can post this here it is...If not e-mail me!
It's called "Super Chief" Description name:SC-675:it comes from ETOWA CHEMICAL SALES & SERVICE 215 NO. 24TH St. Gadsden,AL 35904
It comes in 55-gal @ $175.00 ech plus ship & hand,I'm realy pleased with it and just wanted to share with everyone.I'm not in any way assoiated with ETOWAH. I just buy from them!!!!! And just like you I Dont like wasting $$$$$$$$$$
Hope you try it I think you'll be pleased... Wild Man........


JR Wood

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Hey wildman,
What kind of dilution rate can you get with that? Do you run it straight through the downstream? or do you dilute it?
Thanks John.

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Harold Brantley

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Maz, what strength of bleach are you using? Gallons in a grocery store are at most 5.25% sodium hypochlorit, but if you buy from an industrial chemical supplier in 55 gal drums, it is 12% to 15% sodium hypochlorit. Used with a good chemical injector one application should do the job. Only in cold wheather should you need a second application. Second and even third story cleaning should not be a problem with the right size chemical and rinse nozzles, using a 4 foot wand, with at least 3K psi @ 4 gpm.

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Stateline P/W

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Hey Harold, just wondering what kind of nozzle are you using to get up to 3 stories. I have a X-Jet but am unable to get that high. I also have 4gpm@3000psi.


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