Cleaning Filters

Jeffrey B

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Well we cleaned our first system. It was a 30 ft hood with two fans that hadnt been done in 2 YEARS! two of the largest companies in the area had been doing it prior. They neglected to tell this guy that he has about 80 feet of run ( both vertical and horizontal) that have no access doors. We cleaned what we could wrote up that it does not conform to NFPA code and gave him documentation stating it is a fire waiting to happen. We will order fire rated doors and install them and clean him again in a month. Other than the fact that the fans had no access, the lower access panel was in between a wall and a boiler and the return flow duct was full of grease and the plastic fell down cause I forgot to pre-wipe the hood(its the little things you forget which screw you up!)The biggest and most time consuming problem seemed to be getting the galvanized filters clean. We tried the sink soak but a portion of the filters stuck out and when we pressure cleaned them grease flew all over. Now I have read about the galvanized box but has anyone tried the plastic tub on wheels which they show in the Kitchen exhust cleaning video? By the way it took 11 hours with 2.5 guys (1 guy just liked to mop and didnt speak any english except "ok boss") to clean this thing but the way I figure it I was paid me to learn the practical aspects of kitchen exhaust cleaning. Plus I have a section of grease I am pretty sure I can make into a sling shot (I didnt know grease could turn into rubber).

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