Cleaning Inside Log Home


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I am not gonna take this job probably,it just sounds like a nightmare.But i still would like to get some info and suggestions just to educate myself

Here is the deal.Log home 20 years olds,inside never finished.New owners would like to have it cleaned and done,logs inside look dark and dirty.Ex owner ,a smoker,never cleaned or did anything apparently,greasy and minor smoke damage aroungd the stove.

Homeowner called and asked for advice.Log home place didnt have an answer,so they gave my #.They suggested to clean with bleach.

I told her i dont recomend that since i dont use bleach on logs but thought this might be the last option in this case.

If the house was new i would pressure wash it and done deal,They havent moved in yet but off course the house has hardwood floors and all.Covering everything with plastic and using wet vacum sounds like a nightmare.

I told her the option might be sanding (round logs)or might have to take brush ,bucket and srub the whole thing like powerwasher would,except there wouldnt be much water inside.Clean with what,citric??Something that dont need much rinsing

I would like to learn more about this case ,so please give me some suggestions
Thanks Johny

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