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I have a deck to clean and the people who own the deck built it own their own, but they did not finish it. About a year or so later they had vinyl put on their house and paid the guy to finish it. I guess the point I'm trying to make is half the deck is very weathered and the other half is new, is their any thing special I should use to clean it. Should I use the same pressure on the old wood as I do the new. Thanks in advance for the help....Also GREAT board!!!!!!!!

Dan Flynn

PWN Founder
Hi Steve,

Yes you can use the same pressure and method to clean that deck. If I understand you correctly.

I would use a mild stripper type cleaner. The newer part of the deck could have mill glaze on it.

It would have to be removed. Make sure that you neutralize the surface after using such cleaners. The pressure should always be as low as possible. Around 300 to 1000 psi.

Wait 24 to 72 hour before you seal it.

Dan Flynn
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