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I'm organaizing a cleaning serminar in Connecticut and I need your help. I been in business for 7 years and I been learning for my mistakes. My idea is put together a cuople speakers. But what topic will be good? can you e-mail me and give me some ideas


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get ahold of a chemical supplier, have him / her explain in detail 4 - 5 products

stress the importance of dilution ratios, more is not better on....

i don't care for equipment mfg seminars, for the most part they are a sales pitch but ,, can be informational

most good suppliers have manufacturers reps. who are excellent spartan chemical is one who i can recommend, they have even come to a job site to help with problems i have had in the past .. and i am just a little guy not a mega company

i would also recommend going to seminars yourself and ask those people to come visit your company

in a past life i held job fairs for the trucking associations, some were not so successful a warm saturday afternoon for example but most were well received especially by the local community colleges who did an outstanding job of representing their apprenticeship programs.. partner with a 'temp agency" ""training for all""

i am certain you will be successful and you will meet others in the industry and be the innovator and a leader in the community stay away from opening day of hunting season or 4th of July

good luck

(i just charged $1,200.00 to repair a tile floor where the "Janitor" had no idea how to clean) he just kept mopping with wax mixed with water until someone moved a book case in the corner

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