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I just landed a job which consists of cleaning the walkway around a strip mall. Gum removal is required. 13,000 sq. ft. I know how to clean concrete, but this is a larger job than i usually do. In order to be more efficient, should I use hot water over the entire area or just for the gum removal? Should I pass over the area with the surface cleaner first then use the gun to remove the gum or vice versa? Is it possible to remove the gum stains? What is a good agent for removing drink stains from concrete? Any advice to help be more efficient and provide a quality service would be appreciated.
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When I do those type of accounts I first use my surface cleaner with hot water, then go back with wand and remove gum as I rinse dirt off.

I have not taken the extra time to lighten the gum spots that show and have never had a problem with it.

I do know there have been post on how to do that but not able to answer you there.

Check back post on gum spot removal.


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