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Thats a great question Jack. The hardest part to me is finding out who the property management is. When there are no places available to rent out, it is hard to find out who to talk to. I finally have gone and asked some of the leasers to find out who they lease their space from, and finally got names or numbers. It is tough. These managers are usually cousins or brother in laws to some fly-by-night pressure washer that has a 1000psi cold water machine. They pay them a little to come by and rinse the mud off the walkways, and are not interested in another bid. Looking forward to others replys, but i cant help you out. Good Luck

Craig Knight
Power Wash Unlimited

Craig has also stated in the past that contacting commercial accounts via fax has worked for him.

You can do this by purchasing a CD from your local computer store that lists all the current phone and fax numbers around the world. Your cost for such a CD will probably run from around 40 to 100 dollars.

Must computers these days have a built in fax machine. Another great way to handle this is to look up property managers in the phone book, and make cold calls followed up by a thank you letter and a brochure.

You should also do some foot work. As stated in the past. Once you get one or two account it should start steam rolling.

If you happen to get an account that is the franchise type. It is in your best interest to get into a one on one type of relationship with the decision maker.

You will find that this approach will help you establish a friendship type relationship with your guy.

When you feel that you have provided the service you had promised to your account. Start to ask your contact if he would be willing to mention your services to other managers in that chain of stores or whatever.

The main thing to remember is to do something. If you sit around and just think and not do, you will not get very far.

Action is the best policy. Never let rejection get you down. Not all people need or think they need your service.

Think about this. The old saying is it's a Numbers Game. That is very true.

To increase your odds of getting new business you have to increase your solicitation. To increase your odds even more you need to.
  • Charge a professional price.
  • Look and act professional.
  • Have knowledge in what you do.
  • Be very persistent with a low pressure type of approach.
  • Take the time to educate your prospects.
The list goes on but I think you get the point. I hope that this has help you. Remember to always use your free time in a positive manner. No sitting ----- Keep knocking.

Dan Flynn

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Property managers are difficult. They get lots of calls every day from all types of vendors. Often you will just be forwarded to their voice mail each and every time you call.

Property managers prefer, if possible, to work with the same vendor. That way they have one call to make if there is a problem and, if they give that vendor a lot of business, the vendor or cleaning service will usually go out of their way for the property manager.

But they do change services and they do change vendors. What I have found that helps is to mail them information every three months, mail them testimonials from happy clients, let them know if you are working on a building near one the manage and call every three months even if it is just to say hi.

Many sales people believe in something called the Rule of Sevens. After seven calls, mailings, contacts, they will know who you are.

Robert Kravitz
Altura Solutions Janitorial Resource Center

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