concrete stains - looking for suggestions


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I did a residential job, over the weekend, and found that these stains wouldn't budge - the client was informed of the possible issue in advance. see attached photo. looks like rust, but it's runoff stains right out of the ground.

this entire neighbor hood has these stains and it would be awesome to find something that will remove them... this particular client will let me use them as a test subject and if I find something that works, i could try to sell my services to the entire hood.

I've heard about special acid washes and bleaches for concrete. any suggestions.

equipment used:
4000psi / 4 gallon minute
cold water
basic concrete concentrate from HD (wanted to give it a shot)

I was going to try some professional cleaners, that I have, but didn't see the point after trying the turbo on it and it didn't even budge.


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Doug Rucker

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I would recommend you call Mike at Eaco Chem. Any time I ahve a stain issue I call him and send him pic's of the stain and he always seems to be able to help me.

here is there number. 800.313.8505
Hard water / rust stains, Can be difficult. Test an area with Oxalic, Safe restore, rust away, Iron Out. Good chance several application might resole the issue 100%. Might also only fade the stains, especially if it's hard water deposit stains from the irrigation water.

Never give your customer the assumption these stains will vanish 100%, unless your test sample areas actually produce a completely restore end result.

Safe restore, NMD80, ect are expensive products, so price your labor and material costs to reflect bot costs.

Forget about Home Depot chemical solutions, with the exception of store that sell Super Iron Out (great product). Home Deport is only allowed to sell consumer grade products.

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