Cooling Down :)

What a perfect day for working outside!
It's party cloudy,72,NE breez 10-15mph and its 2:15pm.lately by this time its been 90+ with heat index of 95-100.Be nice if it would stay this way the rest of the summer but its gona warm back up.
Had a few minutes thought I would throw my 2cents worth in.

Oh Matt,

Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt, careful what you wish for. I'm in Florida and last year when half the state was on fire I promised God I'd never again complain about the rain. It's rained on me for 26 straight days now...and I still haven't griped about it. I have fussed about having developed webbed feet, but not about the rain. Of course webbed feet ain't all bad when you live in a swamp.

And I join Dan in welcomng a true Irishman. Top 'o the mornin' to ya' lad!


New Member
I want RAIN and or cool weather.

One more week of working in 100 plus to come then a week off, unless someone calls needing cleaning.

Gav I have never gotten used to the heat, came from the beach area and was told you get used to it, like heck you do.

The cooler the better but cannot talk wife into moving.

Hello Matt from the other side of Earth!

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