CWF on bench yard swing.

About 2 years ago I used CWF on my yard swing & homemade stand made of landscaping timbers. It still looks pretty good . When I first applyed it it changed the color but I used the kind that has know color in the stuff. I mean it looked just fine but a diffrent color. Does this stuff suposed to repel water? I know it supposed to block the sun out. Has anyone else used tis stuff on decks etc. catch ya later.

Always use a penetrating sealer. CWF sits on top of the wood and always wears away in high traffic areas.When stripping CWF it comes off like dead sunburned skin.Besides it's a pain to put on!At this point I am looking to use a water based(weathermax) product so I can seal the same day as cleaning and with this ridiculous amount of rain in the northeast.We just can't catch a break.


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