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I need some advice on what to charge to clean a deck and dock that is 1,714sq . It has nothing on it so no stripping needs to be done . The community association plans on sealing it . I have recomended that they treat it with Wolman Extreme . There are no pickets/spindles just decking . Thanking you in advance
I don't do any docks,or many water ******nment areas, but as I thought about how I would bid it, I asked these questions...
1) Single level deck area? Horizontal only? Steps? Vertical framing/ rim joists?
1a) What is the current condition of deck.
2) How long would I take to do it? wands only? disk?
3) Homeowners associations can be rather arbitrary as to how it should be done. What detergents or cleaners can you use in that ******nment, with run off concerns?

Dave Simpson
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Dave , I would be clening it with either wolmans or sunbrights cleaner . The deck is 1 level . I figured I could clean it in about 6 hours but could be way off . I would be cleaning with a wand . Not sure if a surface cleaner would work on a deck. Thanks for your input.
I am going to submit a bid of
$525.00 to clean it

$1550.00 to seal it using Wolman etreme
Am I off base or is does this bid sound fair
Thanks Rob


I think your bid is fair for the cleaning.

When it comes to sealing, will you have to apply the part by thw water by hand?? I don't imagine you could spray over water.....therefore, you might consider charging more. I guess it all depends on how much you need the work.

Mike Hughes
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I agree with Mike on the cleaning,but for the Extreme, it sounds a little light on the price. I normally charge $1.30 a sq. up to 1000 sq. for extreme. For this size that you are talking about I would charge $1.00 a sq. One thing to remember is that the Extreme is going to be very slippery on the dock when it gets wet. Hope everything comes out well!

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Why not use F&P? It has the UV protection! It too gives you a 2 year guarantee on horizontal & 4 year on vertical!

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I wouldn't recommend using Wolman's F&P on this job. It is a oil based product. Not very good to be spraying or applying over water. Stick with the water based products. It will keep you out of trouble.

Rick - Deck Care Plus
Take this post with a grain of salt because im not a expert.I am trying to learn as much as possible in order to become a wood restoration contractor.On the traction issue this is what I know. Water based generally is the least slick.If you do use a oil based, when wet(like on a deck) it may be slippery. Even worst would be an acrylic. I do know that if you use wolman product you can use a product called SKIDTEX. When applied (from the spray can it comes in) it is clear but feels like sand. This is the recommendation I received when I called the wolman consumer help line looking for the least slippery finish product.Im not sure if this is compatible with other finishes. Not even sure if this would be useful for your situation.I would be interested in other peoples experience with Skidtex since i have yet to try it myself.

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