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Thanks all for the information on the voice chat last night. I still have a question about decks and what methods work best. How long do I leave the 'bleach' solution on? Can I visually tell or is there a time frame that works the best? Am I correct in thinking that I then must let the deck dry an d come back to seal it? Pressure is obviously not the big issue here although too much is. Should I vary depending on the age and type of wood I am refinishing?

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Your Welcome,

It was nice to meet you last night. In regards to bleach. It really can only be used on decks that have no sealant on it, or it must be very weather. ( Failing )

If you use bleach on the above situations, it will be visible. Make sure you neutralize the surface after you rinse the bleach.

Yes, you are right regarding letting the deck dry before you apply any sealers or stains.

Most products recommend that you wait 24 to 72 hours. Humidity can be a big factor in your dry time.

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