Dirty Truck and Trailer

Mike Gwas

New Member
Alright Roman you got my attention. I will not however get in a pissing contest with you. You do have some balls !!!!! I wash in 4 states, I have over 30 rigs on the road and wash close to 5000 trucks per week. PROFILE YOU WANT A PROFILE !!!!!! I think what you need is manners.... However these guys choose to run there board is there decision. Start your own dam board so people can view everything. I have a picture of myself in my underwear, would you like to see that (on the other hand I can even look at that)... I will keep my comments brief, Welcome to the board Roman and come on to Michigan or Indianna or Illinois or Ohio and I will walk you through the game....

Thanks fellows for your kind words !!!!!!

Michael T

New Member
Mike , That was great........ somebody just got spanked. When somebody decides to behave themselves, somebody can come back.

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