Diy waste water treatment


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Hey guy's I was searching the net for a cheap and easy diy oil water separator and came across a diy water treatment rig for use in 3rd world country's for drinking water, basically its a layer of sand over a bed of charcoal/activated carbon. with gravel or crushed limestone around a perforated outlet drain that leads to a uv lamp. I would say the uv lamp is not needed in our case. I was thinking of creating a reclamation unit with this as a second stage inside a 55gal drum. Placing this after a holding tank with a oil water separator in between followed by some low micron water filters. after this stage back into clean water tank or discharged into a sewer. After the initial build and minus the micron filter replacements all you really need is a few bags of lump charcoal. It should only cost 30-50 bucks to clean out and redo. For me anyway there is always sand left over around new construction sites. and you can reuse the limestone or rocks.Activated carbon is not called for but works alot better and is pricey. a potential drawback is its flow discharging and backing up the holding tank. Its more or less a 55gal drum sized brita filter. I don't see a post a link button so ill type it out here,

What are your guys thoughts ?
If I build it how would I go about getting the water tested to see if its safe to discharge in my town ? I have the PPM documentation of chem levels allowed to go into drains but not handy at the moment.
If anything the water authority should see me as at least attempting to comply and leave me alone.

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