Downstream on two Story homes


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steelman39 said:
Thanks. If I dont understand, I'll ask more questions. Thats what this forum is for aint it????????????


Putting it on your gun defeats the purpose of downstreaming...that being the ability to inject chems into the line without having to drag chems around.


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rookie needs help

I am new to the pressure washing business. One of my 1st jobs is a church. they have wood trim painted white all the way around the sanctuary. It was painted 4 years ago and has been pressure washed since then. they have a real bad mold and mildew problem on the trim. what is the best thing to clean it with and is there something to put on it after its cleaned so the mold wont come back?


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extension wand

I tried to use my 24' wand to apply chemical and I could't get the chem. to come out from the injector, someone from the network told me to try a bigger chem. tip. I haven't tried it since, but you can keep this in mind, the hose on the extension wand is 1/4 and the hose on my 3400psi @ 4gpm pressure washer is 3/8.


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Have you tried the bigger nozzle?
The hose size can be dealt with.
Will the injector siphon with no nozzle?

Have you tried an X-Jet?

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