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First of all my customer wanted clear deck sealer,i told him i will order ready seal,which i was sure they had clear till today,i noticed they dont.Why not.How can i go around this,is there any color very close to it,or am i gonna have to tell him that i must go with Wolmans F&P??????

This is kind of a dumb question.I got my dual wand today,it has 2 1/4 inch disharge pipes.Nozzle goes in one off course,what about the other ,leave as it??.What the problem was when i tried it out,water was pouring out of the pipe ,looked like i am pressure cleaning and rinsing with water hose same time.
What is the purpose of that rubber thing that around the pipes,like ladys miniskirt.Is it to restrict the width of the water flow or what.Do you guys put srew in nozzles in dual wands?(boy he sure is dumb).Reason i ask, if that rubber is to restrict the width,then i would need screw in nozzle,otherwise when i put my coupler in there,,the nozzle is sticking way out there.
I want more water flow,i dont want water pouring out like water hose,it would take me for ever to rinse with 1000 psi.I put male plug in there ,that improved some,has to be something better.Can i put a nozzle i there.??I must be doing something wrong,cause on the maintnence tape i have it looks different.
Hate to ask very dumb questions,but have nobody else to ask.
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Johny, you need a nozzle in each side. The left side will take a low pressure soap tip, screw in type, no need to remove it. And the right side you need a quick connect w/whatever size type you need. You need down stream injection for it to work. When you want soap, open the handle, when your done with soap, close it. The rubber skirt is to keep you from beating your nozzle against anything.
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In reference to your sealer question. Ready Seal does not make a clear sealer, because simply put, they are crap. Clear sealers provide no protection from the UV rays of the sun, and this man's deck will be grey in 6 to 8 months. You really need to give it some color to prolong the life of the job.

Ready Seal makes a color called Gold, which is fairly light. Trouble is, since it is lighter, it will only last about 12 to 18 months, versus the traditional two years. I'm sure they'd be willing to send you a sample of it.

Usually after I explain the benefits of using a colored sealer, people see the light. I basically refuse to use clear sealers........if they insist, they need someone else to do the job.

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90% of my potential customers say that want clear...when what they are referring to is called Natural...Wolman F&P Natural is medium to dark brown(used to be light but they changed it)Simply tell the customer that if they want a true clear such as Wolman raincoat clear, the deck will be gray in six months...with natural, the sealer is light brown,it looks the what the deck looks like wet.It gives just enough UV protection but allows the natural appearance of wood.Get some ready seal and put it on little sample boards.Just show the samples they will do the selling.If they insist on a real clear use wolman rain coat and tell them that you won't give a guarantee against graying.
Like Mike I simply refuse to use clear.Some people think that if you use a clear that the price will go down so they insist and I opt out of the job.
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