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Richard R.

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Hey guys,
I did some BB searches on Dump Truck Washing and was very surprised at the prices people charge.

I noticed that some charge from $130.00 to $200.00 to wash dirty Dump Trucks. I like the price, but I'm wondering if that would go over well in Texas.
I have a small company wanting me to wash 4 Dump Trucks a Month and possible some Heavy Equipment also.
I also noticed where Kendra only charges $55.00 a unit.
I don't mind telling ya, I'm confused.
Can anyone give me a little help on this subject? I have to meet with the owner really quick and I really don't know what to charge.
I'm not even sure I know what the best soap would be in this situation.

Please Help!

Thank You
Richard R.


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all i wash are dump trucks in the winter just washed 12 $35 each paid a driver $50
for the day to move them to the wash area. They work in a sand pit and its rained for the last two days. its like cement first, turbo all the sand off underside first,then 2 step.
takes 45 min a truck 30 min if no rain the week before my arms hurt so bad i have to drink my beer threw a bendy straw. lol as far as what to charge it depends on what they haul and if once a week or every two. I have no idea where you got that $150 a wash stuff unless you are talking about an earth mover type im talking a 80,000 GVW Truck and tri-axles
at once a month i would try for $60 but would drop to $50 if they gave me a couple of loaders to make a day of it.
As far as soap go to home depot and get 5 gal of the ZEP purple degreaser[its the only zep i use] then use a good truck soap. two stepping would be best
heavy equipment i look at first then give a price too meny veriables[damn i wish i could spell]
richard do you have hot water[i would'nt evan consider it without hot water]
it will be the dirtyest job you have ever done get a tyveck jump suit[painters jumpsuit]
any aluminum or everything painted?

Richard R.

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Thanks a lot for the tips. Actually I'll be using a hotbox as soon as the trade goes through.
One of the trucks has an aluminum plate surrounding the dumper. The others are just plain painted.
When you say zep purple, do I mix that with the soap? What do you mean when you say two stepping? That means dancing here in Texas. LOL
I'd appreciate all of the tips tricks and techniques you can afford.
I've washed dirt haulers before and the only thing I had was a coldwater machine. It's the worse job I've ever had. I can truly say that I have been initiated into power washing. My helper finally quit after that. 5 hours and 2 tanks of water later, I said I would never do that again. Here I am flirting with the same idea. I just hope the hotbox holds up during this. You must be able to scoot pretty fast to do it in 45 minutes.
What do you suggest I charge for the front end loaders. They seem to be about mid size loaders. These dump trucks are huge though.
What do I use on the aluminum?
Anyways, Thanks a million!

Richard R.

Dave Olson

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Hello Richard,

We do this type of work on a time and material basis. Here is an example of some equipment that we clean.

Anytime equipment is really dirty you will not be able to for sure know how much time you will spend to get it cleaned and degreased!

The detergent/degreaser that we use is a Sodium Metasilicate based product. Works great on oil, carbon, etc.

Dave Olson

Richard R.

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WOW! and they say everything is bigger in Texas. Boy were they wrong.

Now I understand why some dump trucks would bring in $200.00
I wouldn't touch that for less.
I don't suppose a person could get the right detergents on a smaller scale huh? Jobs like that, you would have to buy it by the drum. Now I know why I like washing houses and concrete.

I don't plan on washing a lot of fleets, but I would like to have one are two to fill in the blanks. That is, unless they start looking like that.
I just wish I had a good soap that I could run through my shurflo and be done with it. The way things look, there is a whole lot more to fleet washing than I want to get involved in.
Besides, with a 3500 psi @ 4.2 gpm through a hotbox, I don't think I could take on a job like that anyway.
You guys are some serious power washers.

Oh well, I still plan on giving it another try.

Richard R.

Larry L.

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Here our prices run 25 to 35 for dumps,loader 35 to 55.

On this type truck I add degreaser to the soap mix but be careful how much degreaser you add b/c it will streak paint if to strong,,can you post a picture of the truck....yes you can buy 5 gal. powered or liguid soap.

(I just wish I had a good soap that I could run through my shurflo and be done with it.).....hahahahaha don't we all lol.

heck ron i don't see nothing wrong with your spelling,atleast your like me trying to help,they may haveta read over some of the words but one good thing about it we're teaching them to read between the lines,haha.


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hey richard

Richard dont take this the wrong way but sell all your wash equipment and BUY A HOT WATER SKID. If you keep letting jobs pass you by because you dont have the right equipment or cant compete because a less knowalgable person with better equipment gets the work you are going to hate this biz.
you sometimes complain about your rig sitting in the driveway. If you took on some truck washing you'll allways have work IF YOUR WILLING TO WORK?
your in texas on ebay theres a guy with a whole rig in your backyard for $6000
ive got another guy with a 20hp 5.5 gpm hotwater tag along in texas with 200 hrs on it for $4,999.00 [im thinking of buying that one]
best advice i ever got was from EATHAN formerly from LARGO
" GET A SKID UNIT THROW IT IN THE BACK OF YOUR PICK-UP WITH SOME GOOD CHEMS AND SOME FUEL CANS AND GO GET SOME WORK" thats what i did. If i would have started with a cold water machine i would'nt be writting you now.
Your going to buy a hot box and your still worried about it working?
thats crazy. bite the bullet and just do it, once you do you'll never look back.
As far as lernin truck wasin there are no free rides do your homework first then come back bigboy has rubbed off on me.


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There is also a Tuff Hot Skid on Dan's auction site that is close to you. It fits nicely in the back of a full size pickup. Got one just like it in the back of mine. Surface cleaner is also included.

Richard R.

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Your absolutely right. I totally agree with you.
My goal is doing just that, but until I get in the position I can afford that, I have to make due with what I have. The hotbox is just a trade. No money from the pocket. I'm hoping this summer will bring me enough funds to get a skid.
The trailer sitting in the driveway is not related to inadequate equipment, it's all about advertising and learning my area, learning where the work is, the right prices to charge, etc...etc. It seems to all be coming together so far. There is not much I can't do with the equipment I have, however, I do admit I could do a lot more with a skid.

Has anyone ever heard of super butyl. It's one of the best degreasers I have run across, and it's fairly inexpensive. It cuts through grease like a knife. I'm just wondering how much I can put into my 15 gal shurflo tank without harming the trucks.
Some of the chemicals I use have both Butyl and hydroxide in it. Do you think it would hurt these trucks? If not, how much would you suggest using and would deep cleaning tide be a good soap to use with it?
Sorry about all the stupid questions.

Richard R.


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dont use

dont use dish soap or laundry detergent for painted trucks or cars it dries out the paint
the degreasers are tuff on paint also i would mix it light and depend more on the hot water
if i were you i would learn all i could about 2 step washing with a duel lance but DAN said hes got a real good soap from STEVE ROWLETT that you could try and put on with the 12v pump
your first wash i would take a helper to brush i hope your washing more then once a month.
dont be scared to use a turbo on the undersides if you have to wash the undersides[called degreasing] also do it on there property and no reclaim if i had to reclaim i wouldnt go near this with a 10 ft pole.
if polished alum use phosphic acid if white alum[unpolished use alum.brightner[hydrofloric ACID]
THIS STUFF IS DANGEROUS[HF ACID] you should stick to the PH acid its what puts the zip in coke they also use it to whiten your french fries at mc donalds

Larry L.

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This is what they do to you around here if you use washing powers on their trucks [lm] [whip].

Sounds like you have some good degreaser [bigboy].

this is a dump but call them trailer dumps here,is the one your talking about smaller with 1,2 or 3 axles under the bed?
You can add the super dupper degreaser to your soap mix.Try mixing 5 to 10 lbs(or more) of a truck washing powered soap and 1/2 to 1 gal.(maybe1 1/2) of your degreaser to the 15 chemical tank.


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Richard R.

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The stuff I use for degreasing is called Super Butyl Maximum Strength containing 2-Butoxyethanol, Sodium metasilicate and sodium hydroxide. It put a terrible streak on my stainless steel kitchen sink after accidently spilling it. I'm only assuming that my sink is stainless steel. It may be some type of aluminum, I'm not sure. This stuff is so potent I'm afraid it will streak or spot the aluminum dump hull if it splatters. This stuff will take the paint off if applyed straight. If left for about two minutes, some paints will start to bubble. In most cases, grease can't stand a chance, but it does say cleaner degreaser on the jug and it's about $5.50 a gallon. It's second to the best degreaser I have found so far. The other degreaser will burn your skin nearly immediately, but I don't use it unless I do a bank drive thru.
The dump trucks this company has is smaller than the one in your picture. The cab is about the same without the sleeper, but the trailer is the shorter one, 3 axle I think. The truck your showing, I always called a dirt hauler. I made the mistake of washing three of those for a company once and it took 4 hours and about 800 gallons of water and still didn't get it as clean has I should have.
I will never do that again until I get my skid mount.
When you say I can mix the super dupper stuff with the soap, does that mean I can wash the whole truck with it, or just the under penning?
I plan on getting some of Steven Rowlett's truck wash to mix it with.

Thanks for the help
Richard R


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to wash that rig and trailer, you gettin $70?
That degreaser sounds too mean for anything i wash cept flatwork
you usein 10 lbs of powder in a 15 gal tank?
i use 8 lbs and 2 gal for 25 gal. tank and takes about 1 gal per tandem[upstream]

Larry L.

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Yours would be called a tri-axle,around here if washed weekly,every two weeks it runs 25 to 30,35 other wise.
The one I shown they run 35 to 45 and I'm the only one getting 45 around here.

And yes you can still mix your degreaser with the soap but use less of it maybe in oz..2,4,6, ect. or until you get it where it needs to be,only you can be the judge of that.I have a degreaser that I add only 1 pint to 25 gals. and its not even made for washing trucks but h............wow almost told Scott,lol.

This old truck was 2-stepped with two different degreasers and a alkaline soap.I do not try to do a great job on some of these old dump trucks,they are not my cup of tea but do alittle of all of them just to get in touch with all kinds of rigs.

hey Ron,I don't know man,all I know is I put 5 big coffee cans in 25 plus the 2 and use the valve to meter,I stopped counting and went to cleaning,you'll go out of business counting ya pennies,this truck took 25 mins. and no not 70 but 45,,,,I'll get my hat and come wash with you tho for dat,dang I thought I was high.....glad turkey day is not on my mine.

O...I had to come back and add this,it usually takes 25 mins. but today it only took 17 mins.,had 3 valves on and on a roll I was flying man,had too took off saturaday bout 1 pm.....there is another one setting on the other side of that one which only took 14 mins.,its solid white,truck&trailer,wash both at the same time.


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Richard R.

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Man Bigboy,
I can see why you make the big bucks. Shoot, if I did that good a job, I'd have everybody in town lining up for a wash.
I may drive up there and let you do mine.

Richard R


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got a good idea bout your slant eyed mix, was hopin you would give me a clue as to how much didnt want to streak no paint. 3 valves runnin with 6 chems. i hope im trackin you right or am i just gettin lost in da woods. Smart city boys should stop to help a local to help fix his tire before he asks about the best place to hunt. Shows care ick shur.
bigboy you could charge 5 bucks less then you do now and still make triple what i do chargen $70 you've helped me with the know how but im still workin out of 5 gal. buckets
thats going to change real fast I GOT THE NEED FOR SPEED im loosen $$ and bustin my butt
[but not with no brush] cept a stack brush dont want to 2 step that high near the cab.
maybe that extra kick in the soap will get me to keep all dem brushes on the truck.
spring gettin closer got to get me a heavy duty trailer and some plastic.

Larry L.

PWN TEAM - Moderator Emeritus
Hint= the two you have will do the same thing,your mix is not right yet,keep adding both and keep washing your pickem up until you feel good about your mix,if you streak it you'll know its to strong hehe.The other that was added started with a V and came in liq. form,think Rusty said it was for hoo''''''ds,I'll look on the can when I go to the shop in a min.,got some greasey tractors to wash for a farmer,they going to the sale.

this truck pulls a stainless steel trailer,I told him what he could do with it when he bought it but you see he didn't listen cuss I'm having to wash it.


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nice job

could you turn up the pressure and knock off that hood ornimemt?
i dont have nothin stainless to wash but that new mix[if thats what you used did a nice job]
im guessing some PH helped? you use how meny wands to do a rig like that?
again im guessing 3 one short duel,1 long duel,and 1 single stick with a turn on the end.
also you use a 30 deg tip dont you? im still useing a 40 maybe if i used a 30 i could use only the 2 duel wands but the top of that sleeper?
i knew the type of soap just that they make diffrent ones-one for reg and one for chi nees
i figure the oriental was stronger. my truck is going to need a paint job if i keep experimenting on it maybe ill do the smart thing and head out to the junk yard[you allways get me to thinkin]
prob. pick up a machine wash to pay for the chems. and the guy could charge more for the body parts. Why the hell did'nt i think of that before? a test site. maybe ill get the perfect mix?

Larry L.

PWN TEAM - Moderator Emeritus
just one wand,custom made,47 in. counting gun plus I have long arm's lol.

I'm a dare devil but heck I'm chicken to try the mix on dat truck.
yep,Ph and 109 mixed with 1433 did dat job.

yel sant eyes is in one of the tanks.

I climb up on the motor to do the sleeper...dare devil stuff lol,I've only fallen off twice until I learned there was a easier way to get off,e-v-e-r-y careful..........I'm useing a 40.

I just bought a high speed buffer to buff my trucks with,never have used one but guess where I'm going to learn how,,life is simple isn't it.

I did 4 greasey farm tractors today going to a auction and I mean greasey with layers of dirt mixed in with it,they had duels on all of them,size 4640 J.D.After looking them over to see whats what and about how long it was going to take me as to what I was going to charge him hmmmm he's a good friend I can do it faster than dat hmmmm he leaves it up to me,he never ask how much hmmm turbo time man on a pistol and full rain grear...still digging dirt and grease out of my eyes man but think it came from the greasey backhoe he forgot to tell me about.35 min. each 55 dallor,will all expect dat backhoe and I'm still debaiten on it cuzz he said to do the best I could hmmmm wonder if he meant dat good...you should see my work truck,greasey........stupid me forgot picture taker again,I knew I should left in the truck and bring disk in.
hint=speed makem money,spend alittle more make alittle more.


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I recently dropped an account of dump trucks. I hopefully will never have another dump truck account. Dirtiest job I've had. My price for tri-axles was only $20. That may seem low, but we did them weekly, and they mostly hauled sand, very little mud. We could wash one in 15-20 minutes. This did not include the engine or under the dump body. This woud be an exta 20-30 dollars. Hot water is difinitely better, but I did them for two years with cold water. The chemical is the key.

I stay away from degreasers for the most part, definitely the caustic stuff. It is dangerous for the user and the paint.

I use a Zep soap called Powder Keg. I love it!!!!! I've tried others and nothing compares to it. The best part of it is that it is a powder so you can mix however you need. For my basic washing I Mix about ten scoops(lbs) for a 50 gal tank of soap. If you need it stronger I use garden sprayers to apply it at full strenth from the soap tank to presoad the whees, fuel tanks, and frame, and any extremely dirty area. Then I apply the soap through downstream injector to wash. We pressure wash the dumper, but brush the cabs as needed. It is too hard to brush the dumper. If you need you can make the soap very strong to the point of being as good as most degreasers, without the caustic.

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