Easy Restore before and after photos

Doug Rucker

Staff member
Rick, I have not had a chance to try iy yet. Came down w a bad case of brochitis and was out of town. Will try it next week.
Better to take care of your health. If your down, so is your revenue stream. Honey, lemon and burbon... or maybe just the burbon, not sure about that old wive that told me her tale.
Hi Rick
Can this be applied via DS if made more concentrated? what are the results if any, if applied on vinyl siding as over-spray etc,...... you se where Im going with this?....Renewing the old vinyl siding.... (cant imagine what it will do to windows though).... ok so...your thoughts.

Doug Rucker

Staff member
Rick, dont give up on me, I still have the sample and will try it out. Just haven't found a house w faded shutters or chairs yet.
I assume you mean if it is watered down to run through a spray system?? That is something I am working on, but currently, it's not there yet. We have been working with a pad applied product, but still need to tweak it. It starts setting up before a house could be finished.

We have had lots of inquiries regarding vinyl siding, so the market is there, but our product isn't. If it was more concentrated, it would be thicker ... like honey. Getting it on windows would be a bit messy, but should scrape off easily since our silanes make it adhere to vinyl and plastic and not glass.......at least I think.. (I need to spend more time in the shop). However, with the price you could get for renewing siding, the time to paper off the windows shouldn't be much of an issue, would it?
Going well!

Rick, how are things going with the Easy Restore??

Things have slowed since the weather changed, however we are still selling Easy Restore kits in the southern states. We had a great year and hit our sales goals. We have even gone international with sales to Latvia!
We now have a major marketing company pushing our product to the big guys such as Rustoleum and major hardware chains trying to get a national contract. We have had some interest but no million dollar contracts ....yet..
I sent out dozens of samples to powerwashwers but only had a couple of orders. Not enough to cover the cost of mailing, so the freebies ended. Many said it was a great product, but only 2 purchases (other than yours).
We have the single component product in testing now. It seems that it will not be as heavy duty as the two component but it will work great on auto trim and boat graphics. However, it is not a water based product, so those I can't claim a green product with that one.
Thanks for thinking of us. I hope that 2013 kicks as for you and your industry.

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