Exposed Aggregate

I am interested if anyone knows of a sealer that can be applied to exposed aggregate walkways/patio to give it a sheen. Customer likes the wet look...if possible.:rolleyes:
You can find a acrylic clear with sheen at you local hardware store. They are hard to find. Go to every store until you find it.

I got this one from Lowe's QUIKRETE Acrylic Concrete Cure & Seal. It dries to a semi-gloss

This one from Home Depot CURE - SEAL Clear WET Look

They are both pretty good. The 1st coat is somewhat, but just enough shiny. The next gets better and so on. I usually just do 1 or 2 and it look great.
hi rvagnoni,

email me, i can definitely help you. everyone here where i live has agg. driveways, seal a hundred or so a year. i have never heard of the products dan mentioned, but we have lots to choose from here that are made especially for aggregate only. high resin contents, get brown or grey tints, looks shiny and wet, keeps rocks from coming loose, if you have a lot of these in your area, you'll definitely want to get into sealing them, easiest money you'll ever make and it will blow the customers mind by how good it looks. email me or call me, definitely can help.

jon fife


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If you have good products why not tell us all the names so the rest of us that might be interested can buy them.

OR are you selling them yourself?

Just asking, nothing negative here but the way I read it you sell this stuff whatever it is.

Care to comment please?
hi jon,

everything that is sold here is locally produced. hd and lowes both sell products made within 30 miles of nashville. i have been to most other large cities close to nashville, and i dont see many agg driveways. all of the high income areas of nashville have agg driveways, and i always thought maybe that was a regional thing.

no, i do not sell the stuff but i do have a man make mine up just for me. it is very simple stuff to make, basically resin and 3 types of solvents, and coloring. i would love to be able to help him out and sell some more products for him, but he may not be interested in dealing with the legalities of sending products across the country. is there a great need for this type sealer on the west coast??

again, i do NOT sell the stuff, but if anything i have said in this post or the previous post suggests advertising, anyone who reads it can feel free to delete it, no loss to me.

jon fife


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Hey Jon,


Ok that said I see where you are coming from, no I don't think others would read into your post as I did. No you did not imply you sell stuff, like I said it was how I read it.

Kick back and relax Jon, no harm done.
I nearly broke my neck on that shiney stuff the other day at a customers home. 80 degree temp and dry as a bone. slippery. Can V-Seal be applied to aggregate?


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