F-18 MAx vs. Hd-80 ? Fastest Stripper/Deck Cleaner


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F-18 MAx vs. Hd-80 ? Fastest Stripper/Deck Cleaner - Today , 10:11 AM


Thanks for all of your input on the Behr v. F18max post. Survey says... BEHR is a BIG joke! I found that one out the hard way yesterday. So....

I'm getting ready to take the plunge on buying my first deck stripper /general deck and concrete chemicals, Ive read 100's of great opinions on the two products 'f18 max' and 'hd80'. People seem to swear by one or the other.

I know it doesnt seem like a big one to most of you, but as you all know by know, im new to the chem. university!

I would love to know which product you guys would recomend, f18 max or hd80? Any preferences? Any insight on the comparitive qualities of these two popular products would be HUGELY helpful to me before i buy online.

THANKS AGAIN GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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For wood, we prefer the HD80. F-18Max is an awesome cleaner on concrete for us - have used it on wood but had some rinsing issues. You're going to get varying opinions - I don't think either will be a bad choice, just providing our experience :)


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