Fence Pricing???

Hi there, I'm bidding on a fence job Monday, and I just
want a little reassurance that I'm in the right ball park....
I am Bidding on a 500sq ft fence that is half old fence and half new fence...I will be cleaning it with wolmans fence/deck brightner and staining it with wolmans f&p oil perservatives...I am thinking of bidding 2.00 a linar foot...for both sides done.... That's $2000.00 ... What would you all price ....???
Thx in advance,
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You are saying sq. ft. measurements but pricing linear ft. This will only work if the deck is 1 ft. high???
Just my thoughts. Would like to help but don't know what you're talking about.

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What kind of fence is it? How high is it?You really should be more specific when you ask questions like that.If the fence is 5oo linear ft.I am assuming that there are about 60 sections of fence (60X8 + posts)I would charge $25 per section both sides for that many.For a shadow box fence I would charge $32 per section because they can be a pain in the ass.Why don't
you use something easier to work with like olympic maximum,It is close to the same color as F&P and does not require any back brushing.If I were using F&P I would charge the amount you first stated but I try to avoid extra work when I can.Work smart not hard.Using products that are more contractor friendly allows you to make more in the long run,because of time saved and you find that you don't mind starting another job because youre not so pissed off.

Depends alot on what your labor,overhead, and material costs are. But as a painting contractor( prep & paint) I would be looking to get .45 - .52 cents per sq. ft. of area. So 500 lineal feet X 6' height = 3000 sq. ft. X 2 (both sides) = 6000 sq. ft. total, or about $2700.00. But what are the varibles to the job? Water, electric, protection of areas around fence, age and amount of mold/mildew? Distance to travel. All things to consider. Always look at what could be the difficult areas and allow for them in your bid. Being in business means making money( after the bills are paid)!
Good Luck!


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