Fiberglass shingles washed from ground??

Let Us Spray

New Member
Hi, I'm sort of a newby to roofs, but I've always used my PW with a low pressure fan and got up on the roof to clean roofs in the past. With the Delavan and Shurflo pumps everyone is talking about, is it possible to effectively wash an entire roof from the ground? Or do you still have to walk the roof? I think I read about some of the guys doing that but and am very curious. I stopped doing roofs a couple years ago when I started sliding off of one. That obviously got my attention! My full time job is a professional firefighter and I didn't think the part-time risk was worth the benefit. However, if there is a way to effectively get the same results from ground level, I'd be willing to check it out and invest in one of the pumps you all suggest. If any of you could advise me I would greatly appreciate it!!

Doug Rucker

Staff member
I have cleaned many a roof from the ground. It just all depends on the pitch and if your pump will reach it.

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