Full-Time Days of the Week?

poll on how many days a week do you average working? We are considering going full time as many people are and wanted to get an idea of what others are doing. Yes I know if you want the BIG
bucks you work ALL THE TIME! Do you think a two person team could make a decent living working 4 days a week? Gotta have some play time you know!~~~:>: Let me know what you think.
Dennis and Gloria

Dennis A. Cormier and Gloria A. Wagner
North Georgia Spray Masters, Inc.

JR Wood

New Member
Right now I,m working 6 or 7 days a week.I have no choice I was working bt myself but I just hired a part time helper and I am hoping to only work Tuesday thru Friday and do most of my estimates on monday.


I work Monday thru Friday, then spend half of Saturday doing estimates, then office work other times on weekend. It ends up being seven days a week. (and I love it.)

Mike Hughes
Souderton, PA
Right now I'm working 7 days a week because everybody wants everything done before the summer. I do estimates almost everyday because that way I can book more work for the future. People dont want to wait a week for an estimate. They want the estimate and the job done yesterday!! Oh yea I'm also a police officer and I work 3 12hr night tours a week. I come home sleep no more than 4 hrs and out the door I go. I love to powerwash. I have 6+ years to go before I retire as a cop but I will powerwash for many more years because that is my passion. I am what I am a workaholic.

Greg - GCR PowerClean

6 days / 70 hrs a week. 2 part time employees working 4 days a week typically.

It's Work to live, not live to work!


Greg Rentschler
GCR PowerClean
NEW E-Mail address: GCR PowerClean@cs.com

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