Garbage Trucks......YUCH!!!!!


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Hello Fleetwashers,

Well I have been away from the board for a while but I'm back and still have lots of questions.

I now offically have my first fleet account. And what a way to start......garbage trucks. We are washing 5 locations at 20 trucks each and washing each site every 5 weeks.

The plan we are using seems to be going ok but the first time at each site was killer, the trucks had not been cleaned in months. We made are 2nd visit to the first site we cleaned this weekend and our cleaning time was almost half.

The first time we were there we averaged a truck every 40 mins. This time we washed 15 trucks in 6 1/2 hours.

Anyway here is our process:

1. setup our equipment and reclaim system (about 30 min)
2. pull 2 trucks onto tarp. spray both down with degreaser.
3. the plan is to have 1 truck soaking while we are washing another
4. we are downstreaming on soap, brushing cabs, and hot-water power rinsing/washing using 2 machines.
5. then cleanup our stuff (usually takes 1 hour)
6. hardpart of cleanup is the dirt/mud that is left on tarp. shovel it into wheelbarrow and the garbage company disposes of. we relaim water and dispose of.

Anyway, anybody got any ideas for improvement?


Dan S

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i think u are doing just fine .....keep up the good work,,,,,

i also do some of those garabe trk.s and your right YUCKKKKKKKK
i cant believe peoples garabge smells like that ..... i know mine dont stink!!!!!!!


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Thanks for the replies....

C & T,

Don't worry, I'm getting a little better than $20 per truck. We wash 20 trucks per location though. Your safe for now (lol).

I wonder how the two-step process would work on the grease build up on these trucks? Anybody doing garbage trucks with two-step?.....

Dan S, do you two-step like Big-boy or do you occasionally break out the (dare I say the word) BRUSH?


Larry L.

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I clean the Citys bad smelling trucks,which I two-step,only clean them once a month at 30.Another powerwasher cleans them in another city,which he two-steps them at 17 once a week.Two-stepping doesn't do anything to the grease but it helps in over all cleaning them.Most of the time I can get by without spraying any degreaser on the back of the dump.

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