Going out of Business - Power washing machines for sale

Mathew Johnson

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Hello... I am going out of the cold water powerwashing business.

Due to the fact that I have 5 machiines, the vice-president of the Corp (wife) has directed me to get rid of some surplus equipment.

First machine:

18 HP Kohler - twin cylinder, electric start, external 8 gallon fuel tank, gear drivin 2021 General pump, currently has a pressure unloader with bypass back to float tank. ( float tank not included ) This is in service, I put it together mid season last year. - Great machine - mounted in 1 ton van (van not included)

Second Machine

Is a 13 HP Honda, manual start with a 4 gpm general gear driven pump with and unloader with float tank bypass. This unit was on the vehicle last year as a backup machine. Used very little . pump with 10-12 hours

Both of these machines draft well from supply tanks.

I am entertaining all offers... I will get shipping quote or will meet people up to 150 miles to delivere

Mathew Johnson

New Member
Here is a pic of the 18 HP setup. I have to get the other one out of storage and get pic.

Prices: Asking 1400.00 for the 18 HP, 700.00 for the 13 HP (1800.00 takes both of them)


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Daniel Stapes

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In that condition and those prices it's hard to believe you have'nt sold those yet. At least gotten more interest. Hang on, somebody will be in need and know what they're looking at.

Dan Stapleton
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Tavares, Fl.

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