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Fellow PWN users,

I just got a big graffiti removal contract in a busy city business district. To this point, I have done mostly decks, driveways, and mortar removal for new construction projects. I am extremely interested to find out how any of you would handle the waste water issue in such an area. To this point, I have done mostly decks and driveways. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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recovery of water

I'm just now starting up my powerwashing biz. I'm interested in the recovery of water, because I live so close to the bay, that it will more than likely be an issue, sooner or later. Is the equipment very expensive? It sounds like it would be. There are alot of big name power washers in the area that claim to recover, but I've seen it with my own eyes that they don't. I wouldn't claim something that I don't do or offer. Is it really a hassle?


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Is it really a hassle?

Not as much as a hassle as being fined for
non compliance!

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