Gum removal from Concrete


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I'm cleaning a really old shopping center. Store fronts only. There's a lot of gum in some areas. Is there anything (chemical) that I can put on it to make it loosen up from the concrete? I have a 3400 psi 4 gpm cold water. I don't have the money to invest in a hot water rig just yet. What can I do with cold water? I live in north Texas. Temps around here have been 100 degrees plus everyday. However I'll be doing this job at night. Thanks!


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I don't know of anything but 180 degrees with a large orface nozzel to reduce pressure...

Wish I could far as chem.


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That's what I was afriad of. I guess I'll be doing a lot of hands and knees scraping. I'm open to any suggestions.


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You won't make any money hand scrapping.

A turbo nozzle or 15 degree tip will usually take gum right off even with cold water.

You may end up with some ghosts though!

How did your forklift bid go???

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I do not know how this works. I saw them removing gum at Sea world and this is how they did it. Personally, I thin kthat it would be a pain. but here goes, they would soak the gum with Goo Gone. Then they had a battery operated drill that had a wire brush on it and they would grind it off. It took less than a minute a spot, and apparently is environmentally responsible. It might be worth a try. If it was me, I would get a creeper or rolling bench to sit on, but my knees are shot.

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All the above methods are fine but you will not be able to compete with a guy with a hot water machine, surface cleaner and a 15 degree tip for the the wand. Time =money and the other methods are way to time consuming. Imagine 1 minute per gum spot. You would be lucky to make $8/hr doing it that way.

Of course if you are not allowed to clean it the conventional way by using water then other methods would have to be looked into or just walk away from that type of job. That is what I would do.


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"Concrete science" by Prosco inc, makes a product called "chewing gum removal". I have not used it yet though. call 800-255-4255 or 785-865-4200. If you ask for a sample they will send you one for free. Please let me know if it works though. Good luck.


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What about using a turbo nozzle on gum? Don't do commercial accounts at this time, so I've not had to deal with gum yet.


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ron p

their is a co. selling a stupid metal piece that you put on the end of your wand.
you stand at a 90 deg angle and the attachment will shoot your stream at a 15 deg angle at the gum.[perfect angle to POP gum off]
it also has a front shield so your not blasting the water and gum all over.
i can look for the link if anyone really want's to see it.
it's made for low GPM unit's but you could prob make one for yourself.
Here's an idea
a long handled scraper that has your hot water nozzle shooting off the front.
A scraper/gum blaster combo.
put 2 wheel's on it because im lazy.
The $5000 gum removal unit's use less then 4 gal of water per day. It's all in the steam not in the GPM.
prosoco sell's a gum eating chem.


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Your are absolutely right !!!
Using a turbo and cold water is not the best way to go.

The combination of HOT water, a turbo and a cleaning compound to soften the gum and assist in cleaning process is what we've found to be the most effective.

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Yeah, I would not use a turbo. Just hot water. Heck hot water will work with just a ball valve. Needs to be around 180 degrees. 160 works, but much slower from my observation.

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