Gutter cleaning part II


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Oh, no.
Those are stains.
They won't come off.
Didn't the last jackleg with a 2000 psi machine in his trunk tell you that?


Tim Lynch

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I think it's called gutter buster?
But I only clean the insides. I think you will find the info easy in the Powerwashering area vs gutter cleaning. It's similar but quite a few that read this forum are into inside of the gutters more than outside. Outside is more in tune with whole house washing. Sorry I could not answer your question.


Cadenspoppa said:
Does anyone know of a cleaner that will clean black streaks from rain gutters?

Larry L.

PWN TEAM - Moderator Emeritus
Sometimes the way a Q'tion is ask it will have a bearing on how a answer is given.

This board is full of professionals that know what will take black streaks off gutters,they are more than one product that wiil do the job.

If they did answer again as to does anyboy know it want be no different in what you can find though the search button.

Give thought on how to ask for info....does anybody like walking in a bar and asking..does anyboby know where I can find beer.

This is a powerwashing board and of course somebody knows the answer to your Q'tion.

In your search for how to get black streaks out notice how some of the Q'tions are ask and see which ones get the most info.

Most important is learning how to deal with "some holes" in a professional matter as to not look like one yourself as in idiot.

Good luck and enjoy

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