Happy Birthday Dan S !!


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Here's hopin' ya have a good one!..... [hello]

Just remember to go easy on the moonshine, or else you'll be like this...... [puke]

Larry L.

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Will I'll be,I almost missed ya birthday,see what getting older will do to ya.

To bad it fall on the weekend huh,lol,washy washy,have a great day.

<marquee>happy birthday to you happy birthday to you H A P PY BIRTHDAy TO YOU</marquee>

Dan S

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Thanks guys!

No not 50 yet. just a mere 41

we were in the Poconos fri and sat.................. stayed in a campground and watch all the race fans get wild. Pocono 500 was in town

this friday we are going to lake erie and camp on the lake for 3 days.

and then the next fri we are going to Pa Grand Canyons camping once again

we are just a pile of camping fools

darn good thing my kids are old enough to wash the weekend contracts ...........man I have been waiting for this time to come............... I came home to help them out today b/c we gots lots to do!!

Thanks again!


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Hey Dan,
I'm on the other side of lake erie from ya. It's about oh.... 7-8 miles southeast of me. I think ours is the good side of the lake where all the walleyes are!

Dan S

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do you know where Virgina beach is (not the state) it is a camp ground on lake Erie.

Thats where we will be calling home for 3 days ........................ Pop in I will show `ya how to make Mountian pies

I want to charter a boat and do some lake fishing ........any ideas?
or who is the best guide?

Larry L.

PWN TEAM - Moderator Emeritus
If Tony knows where all the walleyes are I'd take my mountains pies over to his house,I'd love getting in a school of those.


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I'm guessing your on the PA side of lake erie, or maybe OH by Youngstown or something...I'm on the other side, south of the Detroit river.

It would be a little longer than a 'pop' to get over there, or else I would.
Thanks Dan & Mark

Yes it was a fun day indeed

I was @ my Nephews wedding in the Poconos ........... I guess it was pretty cool.

I played the Guitar while the folks were being seated, That was awesome!!

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